One Word: FOCUS

This is the one word in our household that Hubby utters and everyone will just roll their eyes normally.

FOCUS. Which means, to him, PAY ATTENTION. Usually, it’s not a flattering thing either, meaning spacing off, spilling something, whatever.

However, I’ve made a sign and hung it on the refrigerator.


I need to stay focused. I’ve wandered off the path a bit and need to get myself out of the trees/clouds and back on solid ground.

Which means, I must FOCUS.

Focus on my money.

Focus on my chores.

Focus on my job.

Focus on ME. Yes, I will also focus on my family, but I think at the moment, I need to focus on ME to find out what made me stray off the path that was so well marked. What tempted me to take the left instead of the right? And what kept me from jumping back on the clearly marked path when it was right in front of me?

I know the answers to those questions, deep down inside. I just need to focus on correcting it!

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