Freezer Updates

This is so late in happening, I’m almost ashamed to even post the list on MARCH 18!

Good grief. It was suppose to happen at the first of the year to kick start the Year of Zero …

Of course, when I started doing this, just like that I REMEMBERED the deep freeze at my dad’s place … I never even looked in there. Oh boy.  He seems to think perhaps my brother and wife were tapping in and removing stuff … I hope so!

Anyways … here’s what I got started so far:

Guest Freezer:

14 bags (2cup) mozzarella cheese
2 bags of Tabasco pulp
2 OM Black Angus hot dogs (these are pretty much the ONLY dog I will eat now)
OM Chicago style hot dog
2 bags (1lb) key west shrimp
2 lb bag (open) large key west shrimp (shell on)
cheddar cheese (2 cup)
2 gallon size ziploc of red sauce
3 (1cup) parm romano cheese shreds
40 ct egg rolls
4 pkgs pineapple meatballs (I’m the only one that will eat these)
2 bags brocolli (smaller bags)
3 1/4 lb bag of cooked chicken strips
2 pkgs b/s chicken thighs (5 per pkg)
1 lb 80/20 beef
2 lb 90/10 beef
2 birds eye viola chicken alfredo
2 rice with veggie steamfresh
1 bag of precooked chicken ropa vieja (thinking quick lunch for Hubby one day with rice and chicken!)
2 flatout (light, original) packages
3 better cheddar/cheddarwurst/cheddar brats ALL DIFFERENT BRANDS
bag of pork chops (center cut, thick, 7)
5 lb bag of fries, half empty
bottle of spiced rum half empty
4 lb whole chicken
bag of cooked, flame roasted chicken breast (4 in bag) … thinking of using for soup
2 boxes of crabcakes (2 per box)
3 1 lb cartons of butter (did I list butter?)
4 pk of croissants
5.5 lb bag frozen veggie blend, 1/2 empty
9 bags (2cup) cheddar cheese

Thats ONE freezer.

Next: Main freezer. Unfortunately this is where things get stuffed into and it’s really unorganized.

4 slices of texas toast garlic bread
2 lb bag stuffed breaded shrooms
3 spinach
3 chicago style hot dogs
2.25 lb bag of raw chicken strips, half empty
pork loin, spicy cooked (was to have been the darn cubanos)
4 kashi pizzas (still have them)
2 1lb bags corn
2 bags broccoli
1 rice and veggie
1 1/2 lb bag of fast food style fries
gallon ziploc of misc frozen berries (smaller bags, Cascadia, blueberries, rasp, etc.)
2 lb of individual chicken breast (raw)
pepperidge farm french rolls
cherry pie
ziploc of chinese rice
chicken breast (raw)
flame broiled chicken breast (cooked)
3 (1/2lb) 90/10 beef
3 bags of seasoned steak strips (cooked)
pumpkin pie
2 lb bag breaded onion rings
4 lb whole chicken
2 pk box of Barber broccoli and chicken
1/2 bag of potato wedges
1/2 bag of mozzarella sticks
chicken breast
steam and mash taters
2 large NY strip steaks (Costco size)
cut green bags
4 mango chicken sausages
multigrain baguette
1/2 cuban loaf
ice cream tub
2 pkgs of Klondike bars (minus 1)
1 1/2 lbs of white shrimp
3 pkgs of italian sausage
1 pk bratwurst (the real deal)
2 bags of rice and veggies
4 lb boneless pork loin
breakfast sausage (like 6 pieces)
2 sheets of quiche (24 ct each)
ciabatta texas toast
40 ct egg rolls (yes, that would we two now)
bag of frozen banana pieces
bag of frozen yogurt cubes


I still have the garage freezer to do which, geesh, really? I know there is a ham, 2 pork tenderloins, ground beef, fish and such in there.

I’m done for the weekend.

I will need to ground this together and see just what I really have (you know, 2 40 ct egg rolls, how many bags of fries, etc.) … but will need to finish the garage first.

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5 thoughts on “Freezer Updates

  1. you have food for moths to come there – you must have huge freezers ours are less than 1 metre square


  2. Holy moly that's a lot of food! If the apocalypse happens and you have a generator, you'll be set, though. 🙂


  3. These are side by side refrigerator/freezers. The garage is over the top of fridge so much smaller.


  4. Waiting on the zombies 🙂 We do have a generator but it's not a standalone that runs on natural gas … so the price of the gas would kill us! Hubby will start in April telling me to get the freezers knocked down before season starts 🙂 Learned with Katrina and Wilma.


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