Menu Plan Monday, Week 12

It’s that time again … time to root around and see what we have to eat this week!

Actually, we have a lot. I was doing SO VERY WELL for a while there, and well, these past 2 weeks I’ve been quite a grocery shopping machine. Uggg.  I spent a few hours on Sunday organizing two of the three freezers and all I can say is WOW we have a lot of food. Seriously. A LOT. I need to commit to avoiding the grocery stores for at least a week, skip the whole $20 a week thing PERIOD.

I also believe that Sonny Boy may be coming home for a few days this week … his girlfriend is needing to get some service hours in at a school (she is getting a teaching degree) so she doesn’t want to drive by herself so he will probably drive with her.

On to the menu plan….

Sunday – wanted to make homemade pizzas BUT as Hubby pointed out, we have leftovers which was this lovely mushroom sauce he made Saturday. For the record, he is horrible about following a recipe but the end results were stellar and will do it again!
Monday – Spinach smoothie for ME and Hubby will have a chef salad (gym night)

Tuesday – famous Taco Tuesday so I’m doing taco salads (meat in freezer)

Wednesday – should be date night but most likely will stay in and eat the rest of the lovely mushroom sauce 🙂
Thursday – Chicken Cesar Pasta Salad (to add pasta or not will be decided that night) (chicken in freezer)

Friday – chicken thighs and veggies on the grill (chicken in freezer)

Saturday – Tbones and creamed spinach (steaks in GARAGE freezer, which has NOT been inventoried yet!)

You do know that some things will be moved, dropped, delayed, whatever, right? Plans are meant to be changed!

So what are YOU making this week??

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