One of the key things about being frugal is the ability to improvise.

Well, sort of …

I planned on making a little veggie and chicken stir fry … I had some chicken that I was thawing and was going to use up some of the frozen veggies from the mammoth bag taking valuable space up in the freezer …

But I ALSO had some chicken and gouda sausages that I took out a few days ago … (didn’t happen, didn’t cook anything last week, not ONCE)

And mushrooms I picked up on Friday to do shrimp skewers (see comment above, didn’t happen).

And a red pepper that was bought to do the oriental cabbage salad thingy … it’s starting to go squishy in areas (again, see above, DID NOT HAPPEN).

AND the rest of a LARGE onion (I only needed a little bit for the Chicago Dogs) that was seeping fumes into the fridge through it’s plastic bag …

Ahhh…what the heck, lets just fire up the grill and cook it ALL.

Yes, I knew it was 8pm on a Monday night.

Put chicken breast in the shoe box and drizzle olive oil and season salt.

Slice up the peppers, onions and shrooms, toss in a bowl with a light coating of oil and season salt.

The chicken sausage are already cooked (this always confuses me for some reason) so that was easy.

The veggies went in the grill skillet on the grill first. They take a little longer to get the nice charred color I like, not to be mistaken for BURNT as Hubby is known to do …

Then the chicken and then the sausage.

Next thing you know, I had a plate full of meat and a bowl of veggies….

Made 2 plates for dinner (Hubby wasn’t home yet so I put his in this handy little rubbermaid container.
And it is so very yummy!

The rest? Well it got divided up for lunches the rest of the week. Hubby will be thrilled for something besides salad 5 days straight!

Yup, improvising IS frugal … and sure is nice to keep things from going to waste …

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5 thoughts on “Improvising

  1. Love grilled veggies. And hey, where did you get that pan-looking skillet? Been looking for it.Following your lovely blog.Also inviting you to join our meatless recipe blog hop/showcase at You are also very welcome to add your lovely blog here: to see ya there! Have a great day:)The Quiet Mom at


  2. I think I picked it up at Target a few years back … can't remember though … the handle squeezes together to fold back in in the pan for storage. I prefer this to the square deep thing I have but the handle is kind of a pain since you can't close the grill unless the handle is over the heat… gonna check out your hop! Thanks for the invite!


  3. YUM! Yay for saving leftovers, avoiding waste AND making an awesome looking dinner. You're so right, improvisation and creativity are two of the best characteristics of thriftiness. Thanks for linking up with us!


  4. I love \”remaking\” leftovers into new meals. Those grilled veggies look absolutely delicious!!


  5. Such a great idea to use what you have 🙂 My mom was never one to follow recipes and I'm slowly learning how to improvise myself. Thanks for sharing at Thrifty Thursday!


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