Menu Plan – Week 17

17 weeks into the year. Wow. And it’s almost MAY!!! The year is flying by and when I look at all my ‘goals’ I had set up, I see complete failure. Unfortunately, this has been a rough year where not a whole lot of things have gone as predicted … thankfully I think to menu plan though!!

Sonny Boy comes home Friday evening. Air Show is this weekend also, meaning we will have friends over on Saturday and a few on Sunday. My dad is still here but I am aiming for May 1st to be the date for him to start at the assisted living facility. I don’t believe he’s warmed up to the idea much but it needs to be done and he has to know this … we’ve had a few things happen and well, quite honestly, he’s HAS to know this is the RIGHT thing to do.

So … on to the plan:

Sunday – BBQ chicken sandwiches (Hubby made in the crockpot) … serving on leftover potato rolls (hot dog and sandwich style) As I still have a little soup that wasn’t frozen, that is on the table too

Monday – chicken thighs that were marinated in teriyaki sauce and grilled along with the grilled onions and peppers (made this Friday night)…the thighs were from the freezer and the peppers needed to be cooked up quick!

Tuesday – pork loin with sauerkraut and red potatoes (Hubby made on Saturday and the roast was from the freezer)

Wednesday – would love to have a date night but will wait until next week. Therefore, I’m thinking of load bbq chicken sandwiches (topped with coleslaw and sweet potato fries, served on french bread like my favorite bbq joint!)

Thursday -leftovers and more leftovers hopefully. Considering a chicken fajitas type thing using the chicken thighs and grilled veggies (top with cheese, sour cream, and salsa)

Friday – most likely will order pizza or something along those lines as Hubby will pick up Sonny Boy at 7:30pm and we will be prepping for Saturday’s event.

Saturday – NOT A CLUE … I’m thinking Hubby will put together some stuff  and we will serve smorgasbord style. I really don’t want to do the big grillin fest as in years past … I’d like to get my girlfriends french tuna salad (cranberries?) and her chicken salad too … but she swears I need organic mayo … hmmm

I really need to be utilizing what I have in the house as May 1st is going to take a big chunk of money out of my account … it really stinks but the options are very limited and finances are going to be tight regardless … Uggg…Which is why I’m going to shoot to keep the party food low key 😀 but not obvious!

What are you making this week? Linking up with Menu Plan Monday!

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