May Brings Many Things

May not only brings flowers … but we also have:

My 48th birthday (uh, yes, really)

Cinco de Mayo (same day, yes, really)

Mother’s Day (which this year will be sad as both Hubby and I have lost our moms since last year)

Memorial Day

So, with all those holidays thrown in this month, I figured, heck, let’s do a GROCERY CHALLENGE!

Yes, really.

See, on May 1st, I took my dad to his new Home Away From Home and had to stroke a check for $2,600.00.

Yes. Really.

This is killing me as it’s wiped out the savings account AND any free money I had hanging around. But that’s ok, it is what it is, and it needed to be done (um, he forgot he did his 40 units of insulin one morning, so did it again. Saw the syringe that he used earlier, AFTER THE FACT and realized what he did, said it was time to move on).  And I will have to stroke $1,000.00 every month until such time the VA Aid and Assist program kicks in (which man, I’m keeping my fingers crossed its sooner than later) as he will pick up the other $1,000.00 a month.

Anyways. I have $200 plus cash in my purse. That is it for grocery money. Tempted to do the gas with that same money but gas is MUCH more controllable on spending than groceries.

Wondering just what my challenge is? Easy:

1.  Spend the bare minimum, no extra fluff stuff (bad timing for Sonny Boy) …
2.  Use up what we have on hand, really really REALLY this time
3.  Shop fridge and freezers FIRST
4.  No grocery list as I am not walking the whole store
5.  Avoid the BIG stores (Publix, Whole Foods and Fresh Market) for produce and such. Shop the produce market (not as pretty food but way cheaper for produce)
6.  Cash and CASH ONLY. Ummm, enough said. That was to have been one of the Year of Zero rules.
7.  Be creative.
8.  Be positive.
9.  Make it happen.
10. Blog it!

Yup, up above I will keep a running tally of the cash spent on groceries (which will start with a small amount today I believe when I leave the office!) …

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