Menu Plan – Week 18

Did you all notice something missing earlier this week?

Ummm… the weekly Menu Plan? That sort of went on the wayside … between the Air Show Party, the rain, the hangover, the attitudes, dealing with my dad, ummm… and the LEFTOVERS … I just didn’t plan a menu for the week.

Trust me, even with ALL the leftovers, I’m still standing in the kitchen at 7pm looking in the fridge asking myself  “Whats For Dinner?” … good grief!

Menu Planning really is the way to go, trust me!

So, here’s what we’ve been eating and what I anticipate the remainder of the week to bring:

Sunday – fend for yourself on the leftovers … I was slightly hungover and believe I ate some chips and a chicken salad sandwich on a potato roll.

Monday – Pasta salad and cabbage salad

Tuesday – chips … then nachos (with salsa, cheese and sour cream) … I was in quite a foul mood and wanted Hubby to cook up the remaining burgers but he didn’t

Wednesday – burgers … adding bacon and bleu cheese to mine as I deserve it!

Thursday – ummm…ladies night, Blackberry Margaritas … I’ve made it quite clear to my girlfriends that I am B R O K E but they still want to take me out for my birthday … suppose to be ladies drink free at this new place called Dapur

Friday – tacos … traditional for Sonny Boy and salad style for me and Hubby (I’m thinking Hubby will take me out Saturday for my birthday and Cinco de Mayo!)

Saturday – it’s my Birthday and I’m certainly NOT going to be cooking this day! In years past, I would but not this year … I need a real vacation!

Not even linking up this week … 🙂 What are YOU making for dinner?

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