Menu Plan Week 19

Really, Week 19?? Wow, the year is flying by!

Hubby travels this week, Tuesday, returns late Friday.

The Boy heads back to Orlando Wednesday am ($29 for the Greyhound Express, non stop … that’s a pretty good deal!)

So, really, it’s ME and perhaps an occasional visit from the Princess. I may head out to see my dad on Wednesday, maybe even Tuesday as no one will be home….and of course, I’m on a little Grocery Challenge this month so I need to use what we have…not a problem!

Here’s what I’m planning …. easy way out!

Sunday – leftovers: pizza, sandwiches, salad, Hubby made a good attempt to reduce the food waste options we were facing!

Monday – tacos IF I get home early enough … we’ve not celebrated the Fiesta yet so why not today! Sonny Boy and Princess will have real tacos, Hubby and I will do taco salads …

Tuesday – me and the Boy … really have no clue … if we run to Costco to do his cash card (so he can shop at Costco in Orlando) we will swing by and see my dad so he can say ’til next time’ and drop off some snacks too … we might just do the food court then … otherwise, grilled cheese sandwiches (with mozzarella cheese baby!)

Wednesday – it’s all about ME tonight so I’m looking at STEAK SALAD … I’ve got the steak (cooked) in the freezer just for this purpose … plus it will give me a chance to FINALLY blog it with photos!

Thursday – ME again … maybe taco salad if there is still stuff leftover (honestly, I want to freeze the leftover taco meat, I’ve missed having it) … OR more steak salad ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday – Hubby back this evening AND I’m supposed to be meeting up with a few girlfriends for the blackberry margaritas since I blew them off last week … probably chicken on the grill with roasted veggies (chicken in freezer, veggies in fridge)

Saturday – Hubby will be traveling to NY the week coming up so maybe I will dig out the Filet Mignon from the freezer and some shrimp to make a nice little mini surf and turf type of dinner?

What are you cooking up this week??

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Week 19

  1. Sounds like a great meal plan. I still haven't made that steak salad, you make it look so amazing!!! Enjoy a quiet house!


  2. Thanks Debby! I need to get the pics up soon for the salad as it really is good! ๐Ÿ™‚


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