Menu Plan – Week 20

I really need to check the calendar and make sure it really is week 20 I suppose?

I’ve been sick, and it’s not from these, just a general cold that’s settled in my throat, lovely, don’t you think? And I hate that it seems I just can’t shake these things anymore. I’ve had the sinus issue since mid February … and probably should have went to the doctor about that, but eh, I hate going to the doctors, plus the last time they gave me antibiotics, I about died (forgot I was allergic as it’s been so many years since I’ve had amoxacillian).

I’m also still trying to keep it Frugal and do the Grocery Challenge … it’s not been so very bad since Hubby has been traveling … I should be able to stay out of the store this week after my quick stop at Aldis on Monday night.

Anyways … we must still menu plan … even though:

Hubby is traveling Tuesday through Friday

Princess is out of town for another 10 days

Sonny Boy is back up in Orlando …

Which means, it’s just ME and Kitty Kitty. Yahoo. 

Sunday – Mother’s Day … me & Hubby, he took me to Baskin Robbins for dinner (yes seriously!) as I felt like crap …. nothing like a brownie sundae to make a mom feel better

Monday – leftover Ranchy Chicken and veggies …

Tuesday – chicken Cesar pasta salad for me, cat food for Kitty Kitty

Wednesday – I’d like to do the Bangin Shrimp IF I’m feeling better

Thursday – omelet … I deserve an easy night and heck, it’s better than Nachos

Friday – Hubby back (thankfully!) … depending on weather, probably just make a stir fry

Saturday – I would love to make some delicious, juicy burgers on the grill

What are YOU cooking up this week? Go check out these parties that I’m linking up with! Menu Plan Monday, Menu Planning

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