Baking Soda to the Rescue

Ready for a pretty nifty, frugal tip this fine Saturday? Well then, read on!

I’ve been tossing pots and pans as I go along since nothing irritates me more than a rocking pot or a skillet that sticks like crazy. Not to mention, I am officially TEFLON FREE in the house, at long last.

Which of course, does cause ‘some’ issues … pans that get pretty gunked up during the cooking process.  And you know, I’m the one that does kitchen sink duty, every morning, and every night. 


A light scrubby with a sponge didn’t show much improvement on this pan one night, so I dug out my favorite standby …

Baking soda.

Yes, it cleans. It cleans REAL GOOD.

Get the pan wet and drain excess water out. Sprinkle a little baking soda in the pan. You don’t have to load it up, I used a very minimal amount.

Let it sit, oh 30 seconds. I am not known for my patience when doing dishes.

Take a scrubby pad, or in my case, a sponge with the one abrasive side and gently clean in circular motion.

That pan cleaned right up with very little effort.  I’ve also used this on my baking trays, crockpot, etc. and have had great success with all.

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