Budget Time!

I’ve been having a rough time with the budget lately … meaning that it needs to keep being tweaked.

Partly because I’m taking responsibility for my dad (which um, apparently, I’m not quite as responsible as I thought … completely blew off the May payment on his Social Security payback stuff) … and partly because I am just so VERY out of sync with my normal, day to day life.

So the other day, at the OFFICE, no less, I tweaked my budget.

And according to that spreadsheet, I should STILL have some money leftover at the end of the month.

Really? Really. And it’s not all that tight, trust me.

Just a side note: I’ve been reading (slowly) through Dave Ramsey’s Money Makeover book on the Kindle … I am maybe only 40% through it … but it’s all common sense for the time being. I was really thrilled that I possibly have HALF of the emergency savings plan up, but then I read that all creditors should be current. I am usually current and up to date. Somehow, a few things got slid back and I am piecing together whats current and whats not. Seriously, the water bill? Current. The cable? LATE. The cell phones and regular phones? Current. And so on.

Back to the book: not so sure WHAT I make of it just yet. As I said, common sense, and I suppose, if you are totally out and out down, this MAY be the book to pick you up and give that boost to do something drastic about your financial situation to improve it.

So here you go, opening up my spreadsheet to YOU …

Income for the month (this includes all checks coming to me for the end of May since I roll that over to the new month):

$250, $143×5, $1500, $1081, $400 and my dad’s contribution of $1100 towards his monthly rent.

Expenses for the month (I break mine down by what week it needs to be paid in and then break down the income by what week it arrives. This gives me a better idea of where I’m at each month).

Week 1 Income: $3493.68 (this includes my dads $1100 towards his rent)

Water $130
Sprinkler $50
Cap1 CC $85
Macy AE $50
Macy $25
Bestbuy $50
AE $680
dad rent $2000
dad va $100
boy signing $99

Total out $3269

Week 2 Income $543.68

Electric $300
Cable $125
Cell $200
AZ cc $85
Boy Misc $100

Total out $810

Week 3 to end of month income $1512.04

Bugman $25
Home phone $30
Amazoncc $50
Flood Ins $580

Total Out $685.

Not to mention weekly food $50, gas $30 and dinner/lunch out $10 for a total of $90 each week. That’s a LOT of money in each week and just like that it’s out … so not right but it is what it is. Will need to be calling and following up on the VA assistance status … once they kick in we will have lots of breathing room again (and be able to move that emergency savings account off the books again).

Those figures say I should have $425 left over at the end of the month. Is that possible? It should be, don’t you think? I didn’t consider that I need to be buying misc. items for my dad, but really, should NOT be a big deal … his food bill should not be as much as my budget is every week, even though, when I take him, it is! I suppose because he gets all excited and “oh, I like those” … worse than shopping with a little kid, I tell you.

So, how do you set up your budget? And do you adjust it as needed or beat yourself up when you go over? :D. Inquiring minds want to know!

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