I Ain’t Got That Today

Yeah, many apologies for the horribly bad grammar there, but it serves a BIG purpose in this post.

See, the lawyers that I work with, they also do loan documents for non-conventional home owners. Typically, those who have properties that would not withstand a traditional mortgage inspection review, or those who have less than perfect credit. Regardless, yes, we do handle those types of files occasionally. I can do them in good conscious only because the rates are not over the top (8% for 24 months, interest only) AND because I know the people who give the money. Makes a HUGE difference.

So anyways, we were working on a modification for a gal who’s loan was coming to term and she wanted to renew and modify the terms. Easy. No problem. Here’s what you gotta do:

1. New Appraisal $350.00
2. Pay your outstanding, now delinquent property taxes $2500 (roughly)
3. Pay the doc prep fee of $500
4. Pay the lender the prepaid interest ($200 or so)

Make the check payable to ABC Attorneys in the amount of $3600 or so.

Silence on the other end of the phone line.

“Miss Jan, I aint’ got that today”

Whoa Nelly. That stopped me dead in my tracks. “Ok, Mrs. Smith, that’s fine. I will let the lender know that you can’t move forward with the modification at this time due to the financial obligations. Let me have him call you back to work that out, ok?”

“Thank you Miss Jan.”

My point is … she was so very upfront and brutally honest that she didn’t have the cash to do this.

Gosh. I wish I had known the POWER OF HONESTY when dealing with creditors. How much easier my life may have been.

See, a while ago, maybe 10-15 years ago, I was being HOUNDED by bill collectors. Yes, I DID owe them the money. I didn’t think I owed it to the crabby, pushy, anxiety causing collection dude, but I did owe it to the original creditor. I admit it. I got in way over my head, and let me tell you, if you’ve never been there, be very very thankful.
So for a few years, I would screen my calls with caller ID (seriously, I think this is WHY caller ID was created. I don’t have it anymore, not worth $10 a month in my opinion), take the phone off the hook so it would be busy and ‘pretend’ I was the babysitter if someone got through.

Shameful. I know. Please don’t think any less of me … it gets worse … my own husband did not know that I was ruining my credit by pretending I had the money coming in from my small, home based business. You know the drill … I’ll pay for it next month … this new computer will run so much faster and make me more productive … I have to have those business cards with full color and on and on.

Yeah. I know. Thankfully, eventually, I came clean with Hubby, much to my humble state of mind (he, who has a perfect credit score) … and the embarrassment of just how bad I got in. I lied to myself, I lied to my husband … and I lied to those bill collectors who were just trying to do their job (granted, I’m not so sure I should feel bad for ALL those bill collectors, but you know what I mean). I eventually got everything settled, had to pay taxes on some of the settlements (1099 for the write off amounts) and eventually became “debt free” as far as credit cards went (needless to say, I finally applied last year, got 3 and maxed them out immediately. I can not have a credit card. Plain and simple).

Which brings me back to the title.

I Ain’t Got That Today.

If only I had been honest and just said THAT. I aint’ got that today. Straight forward. Honest. Upfront. No excuses.

What do you think?

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