Menu Plan Monday … Week …

Ummm, what WEEK is it?? I ‘think’ 27??

I’ve lost a week and it’s really messed me up. Hubby was traveling last week, which was good, since my sister was here to help with my dad’s situation and well, we did not PLAN a menu … instead opting for prickly pear margaritas on Monday, leftovers on Tuesday, Wednesday was Oceans Grill and Thursday was pizza (takeout) … thank God Hubby got home Friday and cooked for us!! 🙂

My sister is STILL here, dad is still in the hospital (rehab now) and Hubby is home. Sonny Boy will be home again on Friday night …

Not to mention I’m really (again!) going to focus on the freezers and pantry this month (heh, I sound like a broken record, I’m sure!)

Sunday – Italian Beef … made in the crockpot and served on some mini cubano rolls … I had mine with these sweet almond biscuits and guac.

Monday – leftover chicken thighs, rice and salad (from Friday night)

Tuesday – leftover steak and salad (from Saturday night)

Wednesday – Happy 4th! – Baby back ribs, burgers, dogs and corn. Sure Hubby will make his baked beans as well, and I’ll make a tasty layered salad

Thursday – Sis leaves at the crack of dawn and it will be time to get back to normal … leftovers

Friday – Sonny Boy home! May make some pizza from scratch

Saturday – chicken most likely!

So what are you cooking up this week?

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