The Inner Workings of My Brain

I got home LATE on Wednesday night … Hubby was in San Fran, Princess was working, and Sonny Boy had driven back up to Orlando to pack up his apartment.  It was going to be me and Kitty Kitty … so no big rush to get home, although, I probably should have come home and done laundry, cleaned house, etc.

So when I did get home, I was STARVING! I mean, like bottom of pit hunger … I hate that feeling, I want to just toss my cookies … odd how some people are like that and others aren’t. I am.

So I thought … I gotta take the garbage and recyclables out to the street before I go to bed.

Oh, wait, I should do the chicken breast in fridge so the smelly wrappers will go away in the morning.

And, what about them shrimps? Never cooked them and same for THAT bag.

So I grabbed the chicken, tossed on a plate, drizzled a little olive oil and seasoning and let them sit for a bit.

Grabbed the shrimp, melted some butter and olive oil in skillet, pressed a few cloves of garlic, tossed them in while I took the recyclables out to the street.

Came back, tossed the chicken on the grill, gave the shrimp a stir and decided to toss some last leg spinach in too.

Took the trash out to the street, checked the chicken, gave the shrimp a quick stir, wondered why they are still white and dished up in bowl.

Turned over chicken, checked the small cans throughout the house, added new bags where needed.

Turned off gas, plated chicken, locked sliding door.

Grabbed the Salad Jar and dumped remaining into bowl, set piece of chicken on cutting board, grabbed small canning jar.

Poured a little olive oil in jar, a few shakes of red wine vinegar, generous scoop of garlic, generous sprinkle of italian seasoning and a small scoop of grey poupon. Lid it up and shake.

Slice chicken, top salad with same, drizzle dressing.

Pour glass of water in fancy glass, sit at table, admire the meal, eat.

The very best part of all? This fed me and Princess on Thursday too … Yes, that is how I roll …

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