Making the Right Choices

We all know the “right” thing to do, eat, etc. butlike so many things in life, I feel the need to toe the line.

I’ve been on vacation, so to speak, for the past week…away from my home, staying with family.

Family that is good, kind, caring and so in tune (borderline freaky) …

This has changed my sleeping and eating habits quite a bit. But it is a good thing.

I made the grain free almond biscuits the other night….doubled the recipe…it was a hit and compared to red lobsters cheddar biscuits which I could NOT compare …

And I had one for breakfast the other morning so that was good.

Of course, I have also had about 20 beers, a few lemon drops, a few patron shots, quite a bit of fried food AND lots of white squishy like bread.

Which brings me to my point of … Utter discomfort. Bloating.  Gassy.  Ugg.

Good news is now I can say with 100% conviction that the revised way of eating IS making a difference.

So for the next 5 days I will do the best I and totally commit come Monday!

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