So Little Time

There is a whole list of things that I want to do and write about on the blog!  I went away for 10 days, and had a very very relaxing time with my Hubby’s side of the family (it helps that his sister in law is such a wonderful, giving person who was all excited about her new promotion to assistance principal of a high school! Yeah Sue!) … but work piled up, both at home and in the office. And well, this poor blog? It’s like my 3rd job! 🙂

Here are some of my MAIN goals I want to achieve within the next week. I only have a week for some of these things!!

1.  Make Almond Flour Crackers. (then make egg salad and eat em’ all up)

2.  Get another site up and fully running ( … yes, I am going for it. Just me, no one else in the house so my meals will be modifications of the majority)

3.  Inventory the freezers. I’m starting to see BIG gaps so by going in and inventorying them, hopefully I will organize too and get it more orderly. I really need to make this a priority.

4.  Cook more. I mean, REALLY cook something luscious. It’s been a while since I’ve tried a NEW to me recipe and raved … time to start up again. And with the new suggested way of eating, I should be a lot more excited. Not to mention, I’m craving sweet things … gee, I wonder why??

5.  Re-evaluate the budget. Uggg. It’s a never ending battle it seems. I’m still waiting on VA to step up with the Aid and Assistance Program. The VA doctor that my dad sees (more often than ME) said he definitely qualifies and needs it. I can’t even get an idea of how much they will pay, hopefully the full amount of $1700 or so (which would mean he only needs to pay  $500 himself which he can do on his income!). That would free up $900 to $1000 a month for me and then some as my dad would have money leftover every month. It’s almost too good to be true. And now I just hear that Princess has 4 wisdom teeth that need removed (why didn’t the orthodontist say something a few years ago??) and 3 cavities … just say goodbye to any potential savings plan!

6.  Clearing out the closet and dresser. As we don’t have that swapping out of clothing for each season here in Paradise, clothes stay pretty much where they are put, year round. I’m really needing to go through everything AGAIN and toss what I don’t like, what doesn’t fit, what looks crappy on me, etc. I am starting to see that how I FEEL in my clothes affects how I behave … huh, who would have thought?

7.  Exercising. Yeah. I’ve been slacking off … but just because I feel I don’t have the time for it! I know, it’s another excuse, and actually Tuesday, I went for a walk/jog/spring of almost 4 miles … which is good because I’ve not done anything in almost 3 weeks or so. I can’t even remember when I last ran.

8.  Re-connecting with Hubby. We’ve been having an odd sort of relationship lately. Nothing overly wrong, just a little edgy which can change a mood instantly. Hopefully, now that the boat is back in the water, we can have more one on one time.

9.  Getting Sonny Boy geared up to go back to school. His move in date is the 18th of August and classes start the 20th, I think. Which is STUPID … 2 days. Really. Thankfully it’s his 2nd year so he knows his way around!

10.  Re-connecting with Princess. She’s been working alot. And she went and dyed her hair “chocolate” … which changed my attitude and HERS. I don’t like her dark, it makes her moods dark. Not my bright and sunshine bleach blonde baby girl.

It’s a long list I know. But I really need to get focused and get some of this stuff done.

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