Rewards for Hard Work

As you may have seen, I’ve had a few rough weeks at work. I mean, heck, we are talking about some heavy duty sh*t going on, commercial deals that involve serious no-compete clauses with inventory issues and so on. And we are not talking 6 figure deals, more like 7 bordering 8 … amazing stuff but wow. Tedious and mentally draining for me. I don’t know how the attorneys stay ahead of it sometimes. Oh wait, thats right, I DO IT for them!

In return, though, because I work for some fabulous boys, I get rewarded. It’s not that I expect it, but they have always taken care of me, because they KNOW they can count on ME. Not to mention, they also know a week doesn’t go by where someone isn’t inquiring if I’m ready to make a switch. Uh, no thanks, I really like the people I work for …

This past week was a HUGE reward, and quite honestly, I normally would have protested the check … but it WAS a huge ordeal, caused me quite a bit of stress and the fact that we all hugged when the 5:05pm on Friday wire confirmation was received, I felt it was worthy. Heck, I had the bank on standby to handle the wire even though it was AFTER 5pm … on a Friday, no less. Seriously, anyone who works in the banking industry knows this is just not something that normally happens. I suppose I need to re-word the line up there and add in that I love the bank I work with too …

Anyhoo. I rambled?

A large @ss salad, enough for me to nibble on during the day (who in the heck had time to sit and EAT!!??), which some people might think of as odd, but they know that I eat salads daily AND it was organic, spring lettuce (yummmm) a nice bottle of my very favorite champagne and ….


Yeah. Imagine that. That baby is slated for my no touch savings account and will boost the balance to $1,060. It’s been stuck on $60 ever since February. I was SO PSYCHED that I could just do that.

But then, we did the Orlando trip.

And there was oil all over the back of the truck when we got home. And we were 2 quarts low.

Uggg. Maybe not so psyched anymore. But hey, at least I have the money to fix the truck if it’s going to cost a lot … we are plain tapped out right now between both kids tuition and then rent for the boy, my dad’s rent (which we have a meeting with VA on the 28th!!!) and so on. Making a ton of money means nothing if you can’t save it, you know?

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