Menu Plan – Week 35

I reallly think I need to go count on the calendar to make sure it really is week 35?? Just doesn’t seem like that can possibly be … but I’m sure it is!

This weekend was a wash, seriously. We had Tropical Storm Isaac in our face (tv, radio, weather, you name it) and we pretty much took it to heart to be conservative and get stuff done on Saturday, ‘just in case’.

That meant laundry, cleaning, quick review of freezers and pantry, and cooking. I also made mayo just in case we had to tap in to the tuna supply …

The freezers gave me a small disappointment … I apparently AM using up what I have on hand, went hunting for some italian sausage to make red sauce Sunday and what the heck, I had NONE. I did however, find a bag of sauce, so it’s not a total lost. But still, we were looking forward to a pot of sauce cooking on the stove all day long.

So here we are, another week in of using what we have on hand …

Sunday – Italian style. Pasta with red sauce and garlic bread (pasta in pantry, sauce from freezer, garlic bread from freezer). May also make a caprese platter but I don’t have any ‘fresh’ mozzarella, but do have a small brick. Not the same but I want to use up 2 tomatoes that are getting soft. Will also make a small salad and some Oliv-y Garden Dressing.

Mondaytaco salad … hoping to cook the beef in the morning before I go to work (beef in freezer, salad stuff in fridge, took out last cheddar cheese pack from freezer)

Tuesday – Shrimp of sorts. Today is the last day of the shrimp sale for the month of August at The Fresh Market. $7.50 a pound for 21-30 court, peeled with tails on and cooked. Good price AND the shrimp is the best I’ve had lately. Buy 2 lbs every week for freezer …

Wednesday – could be a night out with Hubby or it could be a simple chicken and veggie dish (both items are in freezer)

Thursday – Chef salad. I may need to make a stop and get some more produce … have quite a bit of lunchmeat that was picked up last week on sale

Friday – As it’s moving in to a 3 day holiday weekend which hopefully will involve some boating and a visit from Sonny Boy, I’m going to leave tonight and Saturday open for Hubby. I’d really like to make pizza as it’s been awhile but we shall see.

Saturday – Leaving it up to Hubby as I don’t know what our plans our (heck, we are under a massive amount of rain and wind as I type this on Sunday so … you know, I’m just putting together possibilities!

I have a Costco list going right now. After reviewing the pantry and freezers to prepare for a possible tropical storm weekend, I realize I’m getting low on quite a few things. Not a HUGE issue, especially since I’m trying to change up our eating habits a bit … but there are somethings that will be needed soon …

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