Menu Plan – Week 37

Yes, I missed last weeks menu plan … no thanks to them damn margaritas … and the holiday weekend, and well, just life in general. But it really started with the fruity stuff.


I had BIG plans for my Sunday, primarily, in order of importance:

Floating in pool (as it’s still HOT here)
Chopping up some veggies for easy’ier’ food prep this week
Jarring up some salad (for easy’ier’ lunches)
Cooking a bunch of proteins on the grill (like, 6 lbs of chicken breast)
inventory the freezers (they are getting a little emptier, at long last!)
Get some long over due blog post scheduled
Taming the laundry monster

Alas. The house phone rang at 8:15am. I ignored it as I still wasn’t finished with my first cup of coffee, and by golly, if it was another Mitt Romney and gang minion to ensure they had my vote this November, I was likely to go ape s**t (way too many of them calls ALREADY!)

Then my cell phone rings. Oh oh. That’s not Mitt calling, is it?

Nope. It wasn’t.

It was my dads facility. He’s off to the hospital, yet again. Uggg. The nurse assures me all is well, but, well, after the last missed stroke episode, they aint’ takin no more chances.

So I toss in the washed load to the dryer, add another load to the washer, scramble and inhale some eggs, toss back another cup of coffee (really, I hate rushing that) … got dressed, remembered to brush my teeth again and off I went.

To the wrong hospital. Long story a little shorter …  he’s ‘fine’ but again, it’s the blood flowing and pumping out of his heart … but at least THIS time they were able to give him a shot of some kind of blood thinner as opposed to the last time.  So … he’s safe and tucked in with a bed monitor on so I can breathe a little easier this evening … (update Wednesday morning: on way to another hospital for a cardiac catherization as they say he had a heart attack … good grief).

Oh. Which leads me to Hubby. Bless his sweet heart. He knew I wanted to get some food prep out of the way for the week … so he made: hot sauce, a chicken casserole with egg noodles, pasta to go with the last of the pasta sauce, and grilled up the remaining 5 lbs of chicken breast. How nice of him … but he seemed to have forgotten the seriously reduced grains. He said for good measure he made me a tray of lemon bars. Ummm, see the the photos on the side bar for HIS lemon bars … uh huh.

Sunday – pasta with meat sauce

Monday – chicken casserole

Tuesday – stirfry with leftover steak and fresh veggies

Wednesday – chicken cesar pasta salad

Thursday – chicken lettuce wraps (with the ground chicken from freezer)

Friday – chops or pork tenderloin, not sure which

Saturday – Hubby’s call …

Yeah, I love how life interrupts … but I am THANKFUL that I can be there for my dad instead of 1200 miles away …

What are you making this week?

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