Menu Plan – Week 38

Last week was pretty much a wash. My dad had the cardiac catherization thing on Wednesday and they inserted a stent in the main artery. Was released Friday night around 5:30pm. Went back via ambulance on Saturday around 3pm. Still there, as of Monday morning.

He’s fine. Talking, sitting up, not complaining or anything. It’s almost ‘questionable’ as to why he’s there. But then the give him shots, and give him pills to keep his blood pressure down. Cardiolgist is to come in today. Staff doctor tells dad (as he TELLS me) that there is “something radically wrong” with his heart. Well. I’m quite CERTAIN that the doctor did not use the word “radical” as that is not a PROPER medical term, you know? But again, hell of a time getting a doctor to call me and now will have to make a huge stink again of NOTHING being done until they speak with me. Why do I have to be so crabby to get any information?

Regardless, I MUST Menu Plan … more for my sanity and sense of routine than anything else. Hubby is  traveling Monday and returning Thursday night. I will most likely be working late and worrying about my dad. Will make a stop by the hospital Monday night IF they don’t release him (seriously, I have NO idea what they are doing) …

And, of course, still trying to use up what we have on hand … will be stopping and buying the 90/10 ground beef Whole Food has on sale this week to replenish the ground beef … I don’t believe I have any left? Waiting for a decent chicken sale to come around … need to pick up milk and some new fresh herb pots as mine all shriveled up and died from lack of water/love/attention. May stop in on Costco to get the balance of stuff on the list (papertowel, tp, bath soap, dish soap, etc.)

Sunday – tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Used Coastal Cheddar and potato rolls as that’s what we had on hand. The soup was good, Hubby said another can of tomatoes next time. Recipe coming up Monday.

Monday – Hubby out … taco salad using ground chicken instead of beef. Have everything in stock.

Tuesday – Hubby out … steak salad baby! Steak in freezer, salad stuff on hand!

Wednesday – Hubby out … shrimp cocktail … easy peasy, shrimp in freezer, sauce in fridge unless I feel the need to make some from scratch

Thursday – Hubby back … meaty wraps for me, wrap for Hubby … I want to share a new sauce/oil recipe I’m working on! Lunchmeat and all are in stock. Wraps are in pantry (or maybe I’ll use some of the Princess tomato wraps …)

Friday – Burgers on the grill, so long as it’s not raining and all is squared away with my dad.

Saturday – Hubbys choice …

So…what are YOU cooking up this week?

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan – Week 38

  1. I hope your dad is getting better.


  2. Thank you Jennifer … one dr said he can go home today, the other is not so sure. I'm just thankful that he lives where there are nurses on site and they will come look for him if he misses his usual events … (bingo, meals, etc.)


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