Menu Plan – Week 39

Fast approaching Week 40 … whoa!

Hubby flies out Monday, returning Friday evening … so really, I could just say forget about a menu plan but I won’t … I still like to think I have a plan, regardless of how real life sets in! Yes, the Princess is still in existence, but between her 2 jobs and classes, she’s not home a whole lot.

Still trying to use what’s on hand for the most part … things are starting to get a little emptier in spots, and I’m glad that I’ve come across some deals on meat … this new healthier eating stuff can take a toll on the budget if I’m not on top of my game!

I have 10 lbs of 90/10 ground beef in the freezer that I picked up last week for a decent price. It’s all divided up into 1 lb and 1/2 lb packages and then I used the food saver on them …

I also picked up some roast beef (lunchmeat) that was pretty darn cheap and have that frozen … now I just need to get caught up on chicken situation …

I’ve got a LOT of recipes that I want to give a whirl … most are grainfree and I really should make them while Hubby is traveling to see if it’s something I can pass off on him with acceptance 🙂 Hard to make something totally out of the normal comfort zone and present it … he still won’t eat the biscuits as he thinks they are all ‘doughy’ … geesh … need to re-train his brain!

Sunday – leftovers before Hubby heads out. Normally I’d say lets cook something special, but we have chops, sausage, rice and taters that will be tossed if he doesn’t eat. I may just freeze the rice for a quick side dish for him …

Monday – home alone … digging into the Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods LifestylePractical Paleo cookbook and making the Pumpkin Pancakes since I have everything on hand. If all goes well, I will post the recipe.

Tuesday – chicken stirfry … one of the few last packages of chicken and frozen veggies in freezer. May give the cauliflower rice another try …

Wednesday – leftovers OR a simple salad.

Thursday – shrimp something or another … may just make a simple shrimp scampi and serve with cauliflower rice.

Friday – Hubby home … IF the weather is decent, will make something on the grill (burgers?) or maybe make a pizza (been a long time) … traditional for him, and a grainfree one for me.

Saturday – Hubbys’ call … most likely, boating with friends so dinner would be a low key type thing.

What are you cooking up this week?

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