Costco … Again!

Yeah, there was another Costco trip made on a Wednesday night!

Of course, had to drive Brutus since the Tahoe took a dive last night on my way, yes, to Costco … I was about 2 miles from there when I noticed a HUGE plume of smoke behind me when I left a stoplight … ummm, hey, is that ME??? Yup, it certainly was. Red stuff just gushing out underneath. Wouldn’t you know, Hubby is out of town?? Called tow truck, told them to take it to Lee’s Auto and well, heck, I’ll call him in the morning and let him know the baby is coming in yet again! Good grief. Long story short, thankfully, it’s not the transmission (and thankfully, I pulled over IMMEDIATELY when I saw something wasn’t right) … just a hose that blew off, but the clamp is still attached which means …. they didn’t connect it  correctly the LAST time it was there (end of August, after the roadtrip to take Sonny Boy to school) … curious as to how much this is going to cost …

So anyways, I was bound and determined to do a Costco run. I’ve got a girls night coming up on the 5th and well, I’m trying to stay stocked in MY foods while Hubby is out … plus I needed some extensive cleaning supplies … yeah, yeah, excuses, I know. Again, spent WAY too much money …

10 lb organic sugar (Fran will be so proud of me!) $8.99
Chinet Plates $15.99 – $3.00
Kirkland d/w soap $9.99
1 lb cooked bacon $14.79
24 pk muscle milk $29.79 – $6.00 *
3 dz eggs x 3 (yes I bought 9 dozen eggs) $5.39 x 3
6 pk romaine lettuce $4.29
90 ct Mega Red Krill $19.99 *
skort $9.99 x 2
fresh garlic $3.49
3 lb of whole almonds $9.99
2 pk demi bra $18.99
2 pk non stick spray (it’s CANOLA, I can’t believe that!) $5.99 – $1.75 *
half & half $1.69 x 2
3 pk butter lettuce $4.56
spinach $4.29
3 lb thick cut bacon $8.99
4 lbs smoked applewood bacon $15.99
LARGE container of coconut oil $15.99
Dinner franks $9.99
8 pk albacore tuna $14.99
twin pack mouthwash $9.49 – $1.00
4 pk combo ziploc $10.99
multi pack sponges $12.49 – $2.50
6 pk toothpaste $13.99 – $3.50
Jet dry rinse $10.99
3 pk pledge $10.69
dish soap $7.99 – $2.00
20 pk bath soap $9.49
cashews $14.99

Grand total? Didn’t you add that up as you went along? $412.64 … after tax. Uggg. So much more than I wanted to spend. There were a few spontaneous items, bras, skorts, bacon etc. BUT the BACON ALERT has me very very very worried! A bacon shortage? WHAT???

So … I should be able to feed my girlfriends, Princess, Hubby and I fairly well for the next week and then some … MUST STAY OUT OF STORE … 🙂

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1 thought on “Costco … Again!

  1. Yikes!! I just spent $235 yesterday and I was freaky deaking out. $70 of was a bulk printer ink pack but still.


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