Menu Plan Week 40

It’s October AND Week 40 … where has the year gone??

Hubby travels this week, leaving on Friday and will be gone for TWO whole weeks. Woohoo! This will give me time to do some things that I seem to never make time to do as it’s stuff he doesn’t want to participate in. For example:


Uh, after the Vitamix party, he pretty much never wants to see that again. I promised him that we couldn’t possibly make that mistake twice. Right? Right!

So Friday, to celebrate Chatty’s birthday (it was mid September) we are doing a girls night at the house. IF things get too boring, we will just walk down the street to either Shooters, Flip Flops, Chart House, Dive Bar OR Blue Jeans …. and continue on there. I’m hoping to make the majority of stuff EXCEPT the cupcakes, I will have this cool little place make me 18 mini’s spelling out Happy Birthday Kathy. Sweet, huh? I’ve counted it several times, and YES it is 18 letters.  We figure about 10 to 14 girls will show up. I’m debating on having Pandora or Palladia on the Big TV … guess it will depend on what the weather is like outside. Hopefully everyone will bring suits and if it’s nice, we will be spending time HERE…

Photo: Finally, a beautiful day

So … here’s what I’m shooting for food wise this week, and still trying to use what we have on hand (still need a decent chicken sale soon!)

Sunday – Beautiful day outside, we spent it poolside and grilled up some Dinner Franks from Costco. That’s when the picture above was taken …  (never read packages AFTER eating, each dog had 370 calories! Yikes!)

Monday – Sweet mustard chicken thighs (recipe coming!) with broccoli

Tuesday – Chicken Cesar Salad

Wednesday – Sausage and bean soup … this is a recipe Hubby brought home last week from my SIL … since I have everything on hand, it’s what I’m making! If all turns out well, recipe will be posted soon.

Thursday – hate to do this to Hubby, but looks like maybe tacos … see Friday to see why …

Friday – Girls Night! And in keeping with our traditional Rocco Taco’s Birthday … I am hosting a Mexican Feast (or as Fran puts it, Just Tacos) … Need to get as much down as possible BEFORE this day as I’m not 100% sure I can blast out of the office early … serving tacos with all the fixins, chips and salsa and my guacamole along with beer of choice, tequila if desired and anything else that I can rummage up … need to go find a few other things to fix up …

Saturday – Just me. I’m thrilled. Either leftovers OR shrimp cocktail. Because I can. And I have the shrimp in freezer.

I was doing real well with the NO GRAINS and then Friday night came around, a few pumpkinhead beers, a margarita or two and whoa Nelly, I was tossing my cookies and just wanted to die right then and there. This went on until mid day Sunday … figured out finally that I hadn’t really eaten anything Friday except breakfast a few pieces of lunchmeat. Whoops. BUT then my hands started really really bothering me and still are, puffy and just sharp pains everywhere in the joints. Being October 1st is an EXCELLENT time to get back on track!

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  1. keep on pushing year end is in site


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