Menu Plan – Week 41

Hubby is out this week, Princess has a full work week AND I get to go to Orlando to see Sonny Boy and Halloween Horror Nights on Thursday and Friday! So, yeah, I could get a way without a Menu Plan, but then I’d be a little lost …

Going to avoid the store at all costs before we go to Orlando … I don’t think there’s much I need and don’t believe there are any good meat sales going on anywhere. Penn Dutch has b/s chicken breast for $1.79 … I’m guess the $1.29 is gone for good. Bummer.

I’m hoping to maybe just fire up the grill and cook a little assortment of meats late afternoon to tide me over for the next few days.  So here’s what I’m shooting for …

Sunday – aiming to have some pool time and maybe a girlfriend or two over to visit, then eating my shrimp cocktail that I didn’t get to enjoy on Saturday.

Monday – Chicken Cesar Salad … no pasta

Tuesday – Evil Jungle Steak Salad … yeah baby

Wednesday – Taco salad

Thursday – Halloween Horror Nights … I am really going to do my best to eat good and cheap …

Friday – Orlando, night 2, same as Thursday

Saturday – return home … probably just root around and have an omelet or something along those lines …

Yes, there are 3 days worth of salads … and I will probably eat salads for lunch too … I’ve got salad stuff leftover in the fridge and do NOT want it to go to waste!!

What are you cooking up this week?

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1 thought on “Menu Plan – Week 41

  1. Great & healthy menu! Its so hard for me to eat salads everyday 😦 Wish I could, it would make my dieting so much easier! Have a great time in Orlando!


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