Menu Plan – Week 42

Hubby comes home on Thursday, at long last. It doesn’t feel like it’s been two weeks, but it has.

Unfortunately, I’ve not gotten any of my “projects” done … barely cleaned house … but I still have the next 3 days to make some accomplishments!  Number one project? Inventory and clean at least one of the three freezers. I need to know what’s left to be consumed! I really want to stay out of the store this week … with the exception of milk (the half gallon left expires the 19th … Hubby likes milk) … and I know that I still have lots of stuff in the freezers to eat up.

So with that … here’s what I’m planning for the week ….

Sunday – Island Shrimp with Avocado … this was pretty tasty and wish I had leftovers

Monday – Cobb Salad (lunchmeat was pulled out of freezer Sunday)

Tuesday – Chicken and Romaine Stir Fry (new recipe, here’s the original) (chicken in fridge defrosting)

Wednesday – Wedge Salad (need to find a new recipe since I don’t have any yogurt)

Thursday – Hubby lands around 8pm, I normally do NOT need to pick him up but he didn’t want to leave his car there for two weeks … I will just work late since my office is five minutes from the airport … Most likely will make the fixins for Chicken Lettuce Wraps in the morning and reheat when we get home. (I’m sure there’s turkey or chicken in one of the freezers)

Friday – Hubby most likely will want to be chillin and grillin … chicken thighs with veggies (should be last few packages of b/s thighs from freezer)

Saturday – Hubby’s call, will do best to convince that we don’t need to run to the grocery store for any major purchases …

What are YOU cooking up this week??

Linking up with Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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