Sunday Catch Up

Last nights Halloween festivities went over pretty well … we actually had a blast and I’m so thankful that we can walk there and back …

The weather was cool, a little breezy and thankfully, NO RAIN for once. We did however have to deal with a bit of water on the ground from the extreme high tides and since we live on the water, the water comes up through the drainage so there was quite a bit of water to skirt around in areas. But FUN FUN FUN … and my wooden ruler was apparently a well executed after thought (um, I dressed as a Nun and Hubby was a Priest … adult versions on both sides if you can just imagine).

So today, it’s 11:30am, and I’m draggin. Yeah, a ‘little’ hangover, but nothing serious. Just tired and no energy. And leg cramps. I need to drink MORE WATER as I know I’m dehydrated.

Regardless, I have tons of things that I want to accomplish today … will be interesting to see just what gets done!

Make biscuits
laundry, iron and put away
master bath mirror clean (it’s the whole wall and a pain in the neck to do)
prep salads for week
slice and dice veggies for week
cook some protein for week
inventory guest kitchen freezer
menu plan
post new recipe
pay bills
budget for November (I’m a little afraid here, I’ve somehow spent a lot of money these past few days with stuff for my dad …)
clear garden
order new cookbook (didn’t do last week, had to get Sonny Boy a new printer)
convince Hubby to list the tires on craiglist (he wants to clean them and make them pretty … WTH??)

Not a lot but enough to be done … I need a nap first!

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