Bits and Pieces

It’s been an extremely long and stressful week …. my father is FINALLY discharged today after 5 days in the hospital and we are trying to get him in to a rehabilitation facility to help with his standing and walking. They really should have done that after his heart attack and cardiac stent placement, he’s been in a wheelchair since!

So, the deal? He had a reaction to some medication that caused him to go in to acute renal failure. Basically his kidneys were shutting down. On Tuesday afternoon, his speech got very slurred, and then by dinner time, he could not even reach out to his fork (perception was off) let alone hold it in his hand to pick up food and put it in his mouth. Everything was short about an inch. Odd, huh? But 24 hours later, he was 80% better and 48 hours later hes back to normal. Super odd, don’t you think. Ironically, the medication that they suspected? It’s the same stuff my mom wouldn’t let him take the full 3 doses daily because he would become ‘silly’. Here I’m thinking silly, like drunken, high silly. WRONG. To think that he’s been taking full doses of this stuff for 8 months and this is what happens. As the doctors have said, lets deal with the kidneys now and then we will try and work something out for the neuropathy (the medication was neurotin or something like that) … I just hope he doesn’t start having leg issues 😦

Let’s see … what else is there …

Oh yeah, Princess wants to drive to Orlando to see Sonny Boy and then Tallahassee to see a couple of friends … she wants to use MY truck or Brutis. Uggg. That causes me major anxiety in that she’s used to driving a little car and now wants to drive an SUV or a 2500 Ram … over 500 miles round trip. By herself, no less. She’s a little flakey and gets freaked easily so I’m not comfortable at all …

Sonny Boy wants her to come up … and bring his stuff from the dermatologist too. Say hello and good bye to the $100 bill in my pocket.

Hubby’s been fighting something. A cold or something along those lines. You’d think it would be ME with all the freakin hospital visits I’ve been making this year … knock on wood, I’ve not been sick … maybe its the eating habits?

Speaking of eating habits. The menu plan pretty much flew out the window for obvious reasons. I’ve also been slacking off on my grain free quest. AND my hands are swollen and painful as I type … stress and eating tend to go hand in hand and well, MY hands just don’t like the end results. So I am trying real hard to get back on the right path and stick with it.

The weather has been stellar here in paradise lately. I hope all are holding tight in the NE area … looks like another concern may pop its head in to visit … gosh, I hope not. Need to get a little break to get things squared away. I’ve got a few friends that I’ve only been able to text sporadically back and forth up there and it sounds worse than what we deal with for our hurricanes …

In case you’ve forgotten, Election Day is Tuesday. I can’t wait for Wednesday … my home phone rings every 10 minutes with someone wanting to remind me (as if I could forget) to vote … and if they can count on me to vote for their party. See, the very worst part of this whole thing? We have 2 registered Republicans and 2 registered Democrats in this household. OMG … I’m hammered on ALL SIDES. I just took the phone off the hook as I was typing this because my frustration level has maxed out.

Ok, need to go toss in the last load of clothes in the dryer, grab a quick lunch and pack up some stuff for my dad …. hoping you all have a GREAT Saturday!

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2 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. After first being misdiagnosed with lupus a few years ago and having the same multiple issues of different spots of arthritis and tingling (my face – freaky – I thought I had MS) I have now been rediagnosed as having fibromialgia. Much better than Lupus or MS as it won't kill you, just makes you miserable occasionally. If you suffer from chronic fatigue too I would suggest you check it out. I tested positive for Lupus two times before we got it straight.


  2. I responded privately but did want to thank you for bringing that up! I do not follow and believe the lupus diagnosis at all. Which is why I blew off the Dr appointment the other day…keep us posted on how you are doing.


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