Sunday Catchup

Hey, did you all remember to turn back your clocks if you are in daylight savings time? Woke up at 5:50am to hear Princess coming in (which we will be having a talk about later this afternoon, missy) and realized, ohh heck, it’s really only 4:50am.

Which means, it will be bright in the morning when I wake up but dark at night on my way home from work. Uggg. I hate that!

Time to clear the To Do List …

1.  Change clocks
2.  Boil dozen eggs
3.  Make mayo
4.  Make biscuits (its been on the list and TODAY I’m going to make them!)
5.  Prep lettuce for week
6.  Prep salad stuff for week
7.  Inventory guest kitchen freezer
8.  Menu plan and post
9.  Set up Veggie post
10. Make honey mustard salad dressing
11. Make OG salad dressing
12. Cook up some extra chicken for lunch proteins and quick fix dinners
12. Clean under sink in master kitchen

Not so very bad today … doable with the slight beer induced headache that I have …

The cleaning under the kitchen sink? Well, a few weeks back, Kitty Kitty brought in little mice/baby rats/whatever they are and one I caught, the other one I didn’t. Both of them were brought to Hubby’s closet and played peek a boo with Kitty Kitty for a few hours before I gave up and shooed him out of the closet.  The 2nd one ran out of the closet, into the master bathroom and up underneath the cabinet, on MY side! Yeah, that was exciting!  So a few days later, we found him in the garbage can in the bathroom, dead. Odd, don’t you think? Nothing in the garbage can but a couple of qtips, a few pieces of tissues (used to remove mascara). But the thing was, for the 2 days of him ‘roaming the house’, I was flinging cabinet doors open and jumping back just in case he was like Mighty Mouse or something … I had traps set all over the house and he didn’t even set one off. Hmmm.

So I thought,  I should probably clean out some of the areas that are really cluttery where a MM could hide out for a while.

Just an FYI … it took EVERYTHING not to tidy it up before the picture. I should be embarrassed, but you know, just keeping it real … maybe I’ll do a little post on the results 🙂

What do you have planned today?

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