The Day After

HEADS UP: This is a slight politically inspired post that is to be read with a hint of sarcasm and a touch of paranoia. Seriously.

This morning, I woke up at 5:15am SHARP. Dang, way too early. Not sure why but I’m contributing it to the curiosity (dread) of the outcome on the election. Ok, sure, some of it may be that my body says “hey, it’s 6:15 regular time, get up!” …

So, as always, I stumbled to the kitchen and turned on the Keurig … while that was warming up, talked to Kitty, gave him a few half hearted pats on the head …. just the usual morning routine.

But. I waited. I was hesitant to turn on the talking heads. Not sure I wanted to see the gloating or the DOOMED looks they perfect when going to school to learn how to be a newscaster. Heh. Really. People are way smarter than that, don’t you think?

So, instead, I brewed a cup of java, and flipped open the laptop.

At my homepage, I typed in sunsentinel and went to the local newspaper online site.



This morning, I feel the need to save ALL my seeds from the tomatoes and peppers.

To stick the root end of the romaine lettuce in the ground.

To dilute the 2% milk with water to make it go further.

To open all my windows and turn off the air conditioning.

To line dry all my clothes.

To tell Hubby to make the call to Madge and sell everything NOW.

To fill up all the vehicles and boats and park them.

Umm. Yeah. Panic, slightly. Seriously.


Because, see, I am one of the ones that will be TAXED to the max coming soon. I know some of you will totally disagree with me but lets face the facts:  you and I reduce OUR spending if our income drops. But the government DOES NOT. And they WILL NOT. After all, Americans demand a certain standard of living and by golly, the President has made promises and well, somehow, someway, he will fulfill those promises.

I will call and get my dad his free phone that he should be eligible for. I will let the current cell phone company know that they can take that $250 early termination fee to the government as I should have never ever been coerced and guilted into PAYING for his monthly service.

I will NOT pay the $30,000 plus medical bills for my dad (that are currently accumulating even more while he’s in rehabilitation) that are sitting here pending VA Aid & Assist to kick in. After all, one the healthcare policy kicks in, it will be a mute point.

I’m NOT going to go the doctor until THAT time. Why should I make my Hubbys company pay for anything that’s wrong with me right now. It can wait a few more months til YOU, the Government pays for it.

Maybe I should just sell everything I own that doesn’t have sentimental value … and stash that cash in a few jars and strategically bury them throughout my yard. I just hope the 100 year flood doesn’t hit my neighborhood.

Yeah, I’m excited, can you tell?

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