Busy Day and Unexpected Ending

I woke up at 5:15 this morning, AGAIN, way too early, so I laid in bed and watched the news for a bit. So different than last week’s Wednesday wake up call … or is it really?

Anyways. I had a lot to do this morning….the cleaning girl was coming to do a “deep clean” and I wanted to get some stuff cleared out of the way so she could really do a deep clean. More on that shortly.

So up and at it. Cleaned decluttered put stuff away. Woke Princess up as we need to drop her car off to get new tires on at 8am. Had to be back home by 9am to get the cleaning girl in.

All went according to plan … had to be at the rehabilitation hospital to spring my dad free at 10am, we were on the road by 10:45 and back to his place by 11:15. I was in my car at 11:45 on my way back home….

To check on cleaning girl progress and pick up Princess to take her to pick up her car as it’s done and ready.

Drive home, wait for cleaning girl to finish … which she did by 2pm (what, deep cleaning is supposed to be EIGHT hours, not 5) (and yes, I was disappointed, she didn’t clean the kitchen sink OR the interior windows OR the laundry room!) … went to work in shorts and t-shirt for an hour or so and had to run the Boss to courthouse and then I was heading back home.

As I’m pulling onto the road by the courthouse, I hear my phone ringing and tell the Boss, it’s Princess telling me she’s heading to work … so I don’t dig my phone out because I’m driving in heavy traffic.

Shove the boss out of the car, pull on to main road and dig out phone at stoplight. Call Princess.

She’s crying hysterically, sobbing and just babbling.

She had an accident.

She’s ok. But the car, not so much.

I’d say there’s a good possibility that car is never coming back home again.

So get this … because it was blocking traffic, the police called a tow company. I had to call and cancel MY tow company. Then I heard who it was, and was like, Ummm, no, I can assure you my Husband will flip out if he hears they have the car in their lot … the cop was like, well you gotta get it off the road, and here he comes anyways so take it up with him. Told the tow driver to just tow it around the corner to get it off the street and I will have my tow truck come get it … $100. Really. How much to tow it to my house? $100. Fine, tow it to the house.

Here’s what the problem was, which the cop didn’t understand. This particular company will bill your insurance company the $100 tow bill AND $300 per night for storage. Slightly excessive, don’t you think? AND this is why insurance is so stinkin much here in Florida.  So he towed it to my house, where it’s sitting in the drive to be picked up and taken BACK to the car shop where it was just at today … uggg.

She’s fine, thankfully, and the car she hit, he’s fine, rental car, attorney from DC (nice Princess) and the car that HE hit is fine. The car in the very front, had no clue that their slamming the breaks on to let a pedestrian cross would cause a 3 car accident behind them.

Her car is the worse, has the emergency break on because we can’ t put the car in park OR take the key out (and we also can’t lock the damn thing, it keeps unlocking, something seriously messed up) … the van in front of her had a few dings on bumper and the 1st car had NOTHING.

So we sit here this evening, watching Survivor (somewhat) and try to come up with a game plan …

How was YOUR day today?

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