That Silver Stuff

Back in January, I opted to go for the REAL silver in the kitchen …

It’s worked out real well, and I do feel special when I eat … nothing like a nice, solid fork in your hand when you eat …

With almost 11 months of use, a LOT of hand washing and a few dishwasher modes, it’s starting to get a ‘little’ tarnished.

Some, more so than others.

So it’s been in the back of my mind to find an EASY, frugal way to clean the stuff, without having to sit there and POLISH it for hours on end. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got plenty of other stuff to be doing than polish silver.

So doing my usual linky parties, I came across this one post and was like, WOWEE … that sounds like a good thing for ME to give a try!

Yup. I have everything …


Tin foil.

Baking Soda. Surprise!

Boiling water.

Lay foil in sink. I’m lucky in that our kitchen sinks are ceramic and HUGE. Hubby told the GC when we remodeled the house that he wanted to be able to fit two 20 pound turkeys in the sinks. Ok, you got it, Buddy!


Toss in the silverware. Now, you know me, the quickest route … so ummm, I dumped ALL the forks in at one time. Not a problem for most households, except that I have 2 sets of silver, which equals 48 total. That’s alot of forks.

Sprinkle (generously) with baking soda.

Pour hot water (carefully) over the silver. Watch in amazement. Feel the need to wait til Hubby comes home to show HIM with the rest of the stuff. Think, nah, better to finish the project NOW and show him the end results.

Yeah. It works. BUT not like I expected.

The tarnish did NOT wash right off. I ended up soaking the stuff in a foiled lined Tupperware tray for about 30 minutes. Then one by one, gently swished the piece back and forth over the foil.

THAT worked. BEAUTIFULLY. Except, I have a LOT of silver so it was an all day long event.  Even Hubby hopped in a few times to give a few swipes … he also commented about the smell. There was a distinctive smell from the chemical reaction going on … PLEASE do not ask me if this is safe for your silver as I don’t know ….

Here’s what I do know though:  I have some beautiful silverware to use everyday and it’s purty, yet again 😀 … and that, my Friends, makes me a very very happy camper.

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