Menu Plan – Week 52 – The Week of Christmas

Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!

At last … it’s here …. the day that Sonny Boy comes home … the day that Hubby opens his eyes and momentarily realizes what life is REALLY about.

The day that I weep … I have no clue why … but I do get very emotional on Christmas. I may have to make a doctors appointment to have this evaluated. I’m hoping not to make a spectacle of myself in front of my dads girl, Rose.


Its also time to Menu Plan … just because it’s the holidays is NO reason to be unprepared when it comes to food!

Sunday – Sonny Boy home! He should be home by 10pm. I originally wanted to make Tacos but Hubby was feeling a little under the weather earlier, so we opted to do tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (hey, it’s been COLD here)

Monday – Christmas Eve … family tradition is McDonalds today or tomorrow. I’m opting for today … Hubby h a t e s that we do this, but every since the kids were little we’ve done it … so the family tradition continues. I will be working at least a half day so I will swing by on my way home

Tuesday – it’s CHRISTMAS! Hubby is making a hunk of beef (roast like), mashed potatoes and gravy salad, cookies, deviled eggs, spicy meatballs and so on. I will pick up my dad and his ‘girl’ and bring them back for the afternoon festivities. *I bought a ham to make originally but then Hubby pointed out that Rose may not eat pork so we opted to save the ham for New Years Eve festivities

Wednesday – back to work for me and the next 3 days will be BUSY with the end of the year hitting us … leftovers and fend for yourself

Thursday – if Hubby is off, I’d like him to fire up the grill and make dinner franks and tater tots. I spotted a bag of the Costco size dinner franks in the freezer and want to eat them before they get mushy

Friday – Steaks on the grill. I have a few t-bones and a lot of strip steaks in the freezer. Since Sonny Boy will be leaving most likely this weekend, last chance to feed him well. We may have friends over tonight or tomorrow so might switch up the 2 nights

Saturday – Hubby’s call … thinking of chicken on the grill in some form 😉

What are you planning for Christmas and the balance of the week??

Linking up with Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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