Ending 2012

My thoughts have been all across the board lately. I sometimes wonder if I’m not talking out loud when my brain is having a conversation with itself. Anyone else ever have that?

2012 certainly has been a year to remember. Good and bad.

I pretty much lost my brother.

But gained my sister.

My baby boy has grown into an even finer young man.

My daughter is also growing into a fine young woman (curves and all).

My father has adapted to his new ‘home’. So much so that he has himself a “girl” named Rose. Who is a blessing in my eyes.

I lost my Florida Mom, Joan in May. In return, however, I’ve gained her Husband, Mr. Bill, who I’ve always thought was a crabby old man. Turns out that’s not the case IF he knows you 😉 … silly Mr. Bill! He has actually turned out to be a very kind, caring and generous neighbor.

My Husband and I have had a few moments but have always come back, face to face. Like most couples, I suspect, its financial driven … we make a lot of money but it’s committed to help others in the family live comfortably. This past year of giving $1000 a month to my dads living facility, plus $60 spending cash, PLUS miscellaneous stuff throughout the month has been draining … then we have the 2 kids colleges which they TRY to help with but it’s not easy and it cost a lot of money. My point is: a strong relationship can survive ANYTHING so long as both parties are willing to meet, FACE TO FACE.

I’ve learned a lot about compassion from visiting the VA Medical Center this past year with my father. To be thankful, and to see my father be thankful for what health he DOES have. Some are so much worse off and making it look fine.

I’ve learned to say no. To stand up for myself when I have nothing more to offer up.

But more than anything, I’ve learned that I’ve got a lot of GOOD PEOPLE in my life…which is why my new motto is “I BELIEVE IN GOOD PEOPLE AND MIRACLES”. Because I’ve seen both this past year.

And today, I will raise my glass to the sky and give a very special nod to the big guy up there who has overseen so much in my life. Even on those days and weeks when I couldn’t even acknowledge him, he was still there, pushing me forward.

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful, healthy and prosperous 2013 …

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  1. What an awesome blog post.


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