The Flu and I

I have a confession to make ….

I didn’t get my flu shot this year.

And, well, I’ve paid the price for it in the last 48 hours.

Yes. The Black Plague knocked on my door and I opened it! Ok, ok, I know, a little dramatic, but Good Lord … it’s been pure misery.

Uggg. I remember NOW just how horrible the flu is. Like, please, someone, anyone, call Dr. Kevorkian to put me out of my misery.

Funny, but not so much. In all seriousness, I may have willingly held out my wrist for someone to slash yesterday. Hubby may have assisted.

It was NOT pretty … and if anyone out there knows how to hold out with the flu in a ‘decent’ manner, please share.

So I’m home today. Feels like someone has whacked my ribs with a baseball bat. Plus I’m extremely weak in that I’ve not been able to eat and keep anything in my body for what feels like forever.

My teeth hurt. My stomach still feels like there is a brick in it. Hurts to breathe deep. Hurts to stand tall. Hurts to lay down. I’m a mess.

I made myself some soup in the Vitamix (geesh, I’ve still not shared that my bosses all pitched in and bought me the 750 for Christmas. Sorry, I’ve got no energy to be excited). Unfortunately, the soup resembled the last vomit so I tossed my cookies and the soup pretty much simultaneously.


Take my advice, get your flu shot. At the first sign of something not being right, start being proactive, juice up, call the Dr if you believe in the tamiflu stuff, whatever, just do something. For me, the first sign was major ringing of my ears and whooziness on Thursday (night, 3/4 of the way through my 5 mile walk), slight diarrhea on Friday and then unforgiving sleepiness … from there it went in to hugging a wastebasket on the toilet).

Too much information? Just sharing because I have a feeling Hubby may be next in line.  He was exhausted this morning and could not drag himself out of bed. Finally left for work at 11am.

The good news is that I’ve probably lost 5 pounds AND I’ve not had any alcohol since New Years Eve! Eh…maybe that’s not something to be cheering about?

I need to get the menu plan set up for the week and well, it’s hard to do when you have no appetite.

I’m off to rest for a bit … and then attempt to do the menu … the world DOES keep going round and round …

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