Frugal Tip – Dresser Drawer Organiziation

Ok, let’s come clean … my dresser drawers are a MESS.

Yeah, yeah, I’m the Laundry Slayer, for the most part … you will never, EVER find a basket of clean clothes crammed together, unfolded, wrinkled beyond hope.

However …

Even with good intentions, my drawers, specifically, the tshirt drawer, is a nightmare.


Yeah. I should be ashamed of myself.

Its simply because I have so many cotton shirts, in various colors and styles (tanks, straps, workout, tshirt, etc.) and when I’m in a hurry and it’s still DARK, I just grab til I find the one I want, then shove them all back in the drawer and slide it shut.

Repeat the following day … and so on.

But then I spotted this on Pinterest … and thought, wow, that’s like pretty cool and neat … but also thought, ain’t no way in hell it’s going to work for me … I mean, I’m going to have to refold ALL those shirts …

Can I tell you … 10 minutes one morning (while it was LIGHT out) and here’s what I have …

And more than 3 weeks later, it still looks pretty much the same!

I’m enjoying it so much that I’ve done my pants (yoga and exercise pants) drawer (which also houses my sundresses for poolside) and getting ready to start the shorts drawer.

Another good thing that happened? It gave me the perfect opportunity to weed out the easiest, most undesirable clothing … once I laid my hands on something in the bottom of the drawer and remembered why I hadn’t worn it for months, it went in the Goodwill bag …

Go ahead, give it a shot … Works for me!

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1 thought on “Frugal Tip – Dresser Drawer Organiziation

  1. Your drawer looks great. Thanks for sharing. I actually just went over my dresser and it looks almost the same as when I started! haha You have inspired me to try something new. 🙂


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