Chillin Wine and Champagne

I love champagne and do NOT wait for a special day or occasion to drink the stuff.  I do try and wait til there is another person besides Hubby around as he’s not a champagne fan so making sure a friend is here keeps me from drinking the WHOLE bottle in one evening …

I buy middle of the road stuff … not that $10 stuff, uh uh, no sir … but I also rarely buy the $80 bottle either … I stick with the $40 range … I actually think this stuff was about $25 or so …

However … I am still FRUGAL … in that I don’t have a wine bucket (or an ice bucket, imagine that!) … so when I’m drinking champagne … I dig deep in the cabinets and pull out …

Yes, the red pitcher.

Borderline red-neck, don’t you think?? It works, that’s all that’s all that matters to me.

Oh well … it’s my frugal tip for the week … Use What You Have!

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