Menu Plan Week 8

We are still using up what we have … which is still a lot. I really just need to stay out of the stores and stick with only perishable stuff … which is pretty much most of what I buy anyways … but then it’s also the majority of what we eat but I do still have some waste in that I buy too much …

But still, it was nice to pull out bacon and hash browns from the fridge, eggs from the garage fridge and bagels from the pantry and whip up a HUGE breakfast feast for about 10 mini adults (ok, they are all 20 to 23, I guess, YOUNG adults?) and Hubby and I …

The freezers are looking a little barer, thankfully. Taking the big hunk of pork out last week was a boon and opened a nice spot up, as did the shrimp and the steak … although, I was tempted to look at the steak again at Costco (it’s precooked and sliced, and well, $12.99 for 1 lb of cooked steak is a good deal without a whole lot of preservatives, and Gluten Free on top of it) … but I decided to not even go down that aisle … which reminds me I’ve not put up the shopping trip!

I’ve got a busy week ahead and the fact that Sonny Boy decided to stay until Tuesday made me change a few of my plans but all in all, we have plenty to share and go around.

So here we go, another week in …

Sunday – Sonny Boy was to originally go home today but he opted to stay until Tuesday (YEAH!) so I went ahead and planned tacos … it’s something that I know he will eat and enjoy (it’s not something he’d make at home, for some reason?) … too bad Princess will be over on the west coast to see Kid Rock tomorrow (yes, I’m extremely envious, I tried like crazy to get New Years Eve tickets with no luck and she gets tickets, no problem … I know, dates make all the difference, but still). Ground beef from freezer, rest in pantry and freezer (need to dig out more cheese from freezer) … but THEN, the beef was still frozen SOLID (it’s cold here by South Florida standards!) so we ordered pizza instead … the only night out for dinner in 2 weeks…not so very bad …

Should have just made them myself, these look so much prettier

Monday – I am off today and will most likely spend the day running around with Sonny Boy picking him up a few needed things (he’s gained a few pounds, I think he might weigh a whole 160 lbs now…at 6’2″, that’s  nothing!). Will make the tacos this day … the beef surely will be defrosted by then, don’t you think??

Tuesday – Sonny Boy leaves and Princess will be home so stuffed peppers, Philly Cheesecake Style … I have high hopes for these and really hope to have a killer recipe to share … I checked the mini peppers I’ve had for TWO weeks and they are still good (ate one today and it’s super sweet) so all in house (need to get the roast beef out of freezer)

Wednesday – 3 closings at work and I will probably NOT be home early, thinking it needs to be a crock pot night … still thinking …

Thursday – today I have an audit at work AND 3 closings, it’s going to be B U S Y … leftovers and/or salad (Hubby does the gym this evening anyways)

Friday – today will be catch up from the balance of the week and the one boss will be out so it should be productive … I’m going to shoot for chicken and veggies on the grill

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … as always, we entertain Friday and/or Saturdays so things may get switched up … thankfully Hubby is good about wanting to use what we have on hand already MOST of the time 🙂

All in all a pretty busy week and I’m hoping like crazy to NOT need to go to the store for much during the week …

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