Menu Plan Week 9

It’s really the last week of February! Time is just flying by and I really don’t know where the past 8 weeks have gone …

All the goals that were made at the beginning of the year … how are you doing on them? I am doing well with the decluttering aspect but all the others are sort of hanging in limbo, waiting for some kind of motivation to continue, pick up or plain start out! That’s why resolutions should be banned … the disappointment factor is HUGE.

Hubby is traveling this week … which is just as well as I am swamped at work … not to mention, I have standby jury duty on Thursday, the last day of the month AND 5 closings slated. Uggg. And I won’t know until AFTER 5pm Wednesday if I need to report to court. Nice system, don’t you agree? I can just see my attorneys again: tell the judge our names … that should give you some leeway. Yeah, right. Last time I did that, the judge offered to call them and ‘remind them of your civic duties’. Ok dokey.

So … freezers are looking good … need to go take pictures to prove it! And since it’s just ME, Kitty, and occasionally, Princess … we should be good for a minimal amount of shopping this week, so we will use what we have on hand …

I always hate making a big meal before Hubby travels, as that leaves a ton of leftovers for ME to deal with … not that I have anything against leftovers, just not the same thing for days on end!  Besides, it’s the perfect opportunity for me to dig and eat some mangoes and avocado inspired dishes! Woohoo, 2 times in one month … life is so good!

Because I KNOW I have a busy week ahead of me, I had planned to try and get quite a bit of prep work done on Sunday, like making some chili for a quick lunch or dinner and prepping the veggies since it’s going to be a heavy week for same 🙂 … oh, and I needed to make more mayo since Hubby used the stuff in his pasta salad AND tarter sauce … good grief 🙂 … but we got busy doing other things, like checking in on the Daytona 500, laundry and just general laziness that NOTHING got prepped ahead of time … so now my week will be extra busy … this healthy eating does require a tad more effort and time in the kitchen.

I am making every stinking effort to stay away from grains … my hands have really been bothering me and I was so sick STILL that I finally went and got a z-pack on Tuesday from the doctor. Double ear infection, sinusitis AND bronchitis. Really. I must have been a walking mess but if it goes back to that other “illness” they think I have, I really need to get back on track and take care of myself!

Sunday – leftover chicken thighs and pasta salad for Hubby, I had an Evil Jungle Salad with leftover steak … yummm

MondayChili … will be enough for a few lunches this week AND maybe get a few single servings put in the freezer

Tuesday – the elusive Stuffed Peppers … bought new peppers as the one’s I have currently will need to be eaten by then

WednesdayIsland Shrimp … I may be doing some extra chopping tonight if the 5:01pm phone call says I have to report to court in the morning for Jury Duty …

ThursdaySimple Shrimp Dish … only because I have the WHOLE bag of shrimp to use up (which leaves me one bag left, I think)

Friday – Hubby comes back this evening … I’m not sure what time (as of now, when I am typing) so I’m just gonna fire up the crock pot … Salisbury Steaks

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … friends over most likely

So tell me, jury duty. Ever been selected to sit? And if so, how was it? I guess because I work with attorneys I don’t find it fascinating … but I suppose it would depend on the trial? Last time I was called was for a tobacco lawsuit and I had quit smoking about 2 years before that … I am SO glad that I didn’t get picked for that!

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