The Price of Gas

Is giving me serious pains this week …

$3.99 for regular.

$4.19 for premium … which is what Brutis and the Hemi reqire. Thankfully, I get to use regular, but even then, 30 gallon tank is quite a chunk of change if I have to fill it up.

So … what are YOU doing to offset the big chunk of change being put towards gas, AGAIN.

I say AGAIN, because geesh, didn’t we just go through a huge price increase, only to celebrate when it got down to something ridiculously low like $3.29?? Does anyone even remember when gas was under two bucks??

Ok … enough ranting.

Here’s what I’m doing:

1.  Doing the grocery store run after work, on my way home. I normally do this anyways but now much more conscientious about it.

2.  Once that car is in the driveway/garage at home, it stays there until I need to go to work the next day (Monday through Friday). I also try to keep it parked on Sundays.

3.  Saturday is normally my day to go see my dad. So to break up the boring 30 minute drive in each direction, I normally stop at the produce store on my way home, eliminating another, out of my normal way stop at a produce store.  I need to start adding the stop in the morning at the ‘farmers market’ which isn’t really a LOCAL farmers market, so to speak.

4.  I had to rearrange my budget for gas. Not at all pleased with that. Was able to get away with $40 to $50 a week for a while there. Now, I’m not even sure … I don’t think I’ve EVER paid over $4 for a gallon of regular gas. $60? That gives me about 15 gallons, and I only get 10 to 12 miles per gallon so eh, that’s not gonna cut it most likely, you think?  Also, try never to let the tank get below half. This keeps the sticker shock from really hitting me 🙂

5.  Considering car pooling with Hubby one or two days a week. My only issue with this is that he’s never, ever, consistently on time 🙂  I knew this when I married him and have tried real hard to change this bad habit with no luck. So … those days when I need to work late, he’s ready head home early and those days when he needs to work late, I am ready to head home early. So … really, we could work something out, I suppose (he works a few miles or so down the road from me).

Not so drastic, but really, if they keep climbing, things will have to be changed.

What are you doing?

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3 thoughts on “The Price of Gas

  1. I sold my car. Now that we are both retired and not going off in different directions every day, there is no reason to have two cars filled with gas. Of course, it also saves on insurance and registration, etc. I thought it would be difficult to adapt to but it really hasn't. So far so good. Your plan is good. What else can people do? I hate that we are held hostage by the oil countries and companies.


  2. In Canada our gas has always been higher (due to taxation). Yesterday I filled up at $1.24/litre which is approximately $4.73/gallon. It has actually gone done by five cents as it was $1.29/litre last week. We have gotten rid of our gas guzzling truck and have only vehicles that are relatively good on gas now.


  3. My husband and I work together and share one car. We have started riding our bikes to work (4 miles one way, 30 minutes by bike) We live in Pinellas County.


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