Menu Plan Week 10

Ahhh…it’s that time again … Menu Plan time!

Sonny Boy came home Sunday and will be here til Sunday … he also brought a cat along for the ride … a beautiful female about 1 year old, pure white with a “M” on her forehead in grey/brown … big fluffy tail and the pinkest nose, ears and eyes you’ve ever seen … he wants ME to find it a home since one of the kids at the apartment complex keeps kicking it out of her apartment and the cat shows up his apartment. 4 times now. 3 times hes taken the cat back … this time is spring break and everyone is gone.

So yeah, if you know anyone that wants a pretty kitten, let me know!

So with Sonny Boy being here, will have to try and keep that in mind with the menu stuff …

Still using what we have although the trip to Publix on Saturday was $156 we have MORE to use then we did prior to that shopping trip …

Sunday Red Sauce with pasta, warm bread and dipping oil (everything in house except the sausage and bread, picked up Saturday)

Monday – Taco stuffed peppers (the Boy can have regular tacos) (everything in house except CHEESE)

Tuesday – Chicago Style Hot Dogs (will need to stop and get buns!)


Wednesday – Out to dinner night

Thursday – Leftovers or let the kids decide … I somehow think I will be exhausted by this point trying to find the pretty kitty a new home 😦

Friday – Fryfest … I really want to get a post up of the fried pickles we do but need pictures! Have a ton of stuff in freezer to fry up!

Saturday – Hubby’s choice, as always …

What are YOU making this week?

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1 thought on “Menu Plan Week 10

  1. I am involved in cat rescue. Thank your son for trying to keep her safe. Poor thing.Anita


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