Soothing the Hands

My hands have really, really been bothering me again … thanks to what I assume to be a flare up. So much so that the past week I’ve gone back to popping 2 Aleves in the morning with my breakfast on a daily basis. Not at all happy about that but it relieves the pain enough that I can function.

I know, I’m going back and forth as to whether or not to believe the doctor. It doesn’t say much that I’ve stopped taking the medication almost a year ago. AND I do know that watching what I eat definitely improves the overall discomfort. I just need to keep remembering that when I crave something that I KNOW doesn’t help (hello Ruffles, I’m talking to YOU).

So I a few days ago, I went back and did something that I’ve not done in quite a while.

Yes, I DID do it consistently for oh, about, 2 months. Then life stepped in and got busy and I got distracted and just set aside that nightly routine.

Hand Scrubbing. Which really, should be Hand Soothing.

Baking soda and Coconut Oil.

Uh huh. Again. My two favorite things.

I don’t pre-make the stuff, although I’m starting to think maybe I should.

I just put a scoop of a small scoop of coconut oil in my hand and then a small scoop of baking soda on top, rub the hands together and just massage, massage, massage away. Basically as if I’m washing my hands … It makes your hands come to life, honestly!

Once you have thoroughly rubbed your hands together and they are nice and tingly, rinse with warm water and wash with soap. Pat dry and admire how soft your hands are now.

This is good for ME in that it gets the blood circulating and appears to temporarily reduce the swelling I have lately in the fingers.

Go ahead, give yourself a little pampering for 5 minutes tonight. You’ll thank me later!

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