Week 15 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

You may have noticed that I didn’t post a menu plan last week? I had one, and it was all ready to hit “Publish” … but I got side tracked Sunday night, Monday night I got home late, Tuesday night was a late night and by then I was like, eh, the weeks half over …

We ate leftovers for the most part … Easter Sunday ham and macaroni and cheese, chef salad with leftover ham, mac & cheese with diced ham, ham sandwiches, and so on.

This week, however, is going to be an interesting week.  See, I’m having a hard time making the RIGHT choices in eating (to offset the inflammation and arthritis) when Hubby is eating differently. I just have NO willpower. I know that. And you think I’d be stronger since I know that I feel a hell of a lot better when I do eat right …

So I told Hubby that I wanted to be in charge of the food all the upcoming week to show him how I WANT to eat … I think I need to rephrase that to how I NEED to eat … and he’s on board … but just for the week 🙂 I did a BIG produce shop, spent $38 or so at that store alone, then another $100 at Publix for coffee, dairy stuff, meat, snacks and wine (yes, wine!). We have lots of stuff in the pantries, freezers and fridges so I do not see the need to stop for anything this week except milk and ground beef (fresh market has sale of $2.99 per pound for $2.99 this Tuesday).

So here we go!

Sunday – Poblano Stuffed Tacos

Monday – Chicken Stir Fry

Tuesday – Burgers in the Crock Pot with zuch chips … both new recipes, hope to follow up with a post 🙂

Wednesday – Bangin Shrimp

Thursday – Chef Salad

Friday – Smokey Crock of Pork

Saturday – if Hubby cooperates and plays well this week, I will offer up steak and baked taters 🙂

The week is just a small approach to limited grains, which is difficult in that Hubby is all about carbs and starch, not sugar and fat … he works out long and hard 2 to 3 days a week at the gym so I try to appease him but in order for me to say NO I need to just eliminate the stuff from the house …

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