Menu Plan – Week 16

The quest to use what we have continues, however, with trips to Costco, Publix, Whole Foods AND The Fresh Market, I always have plenty on hand … so what’s up with that!

Well, truthfully, I try NOT to buy items for specific meals. I try to keep a decent amount of this and that and have learned over the years to improvise and make do with what I do have on hand …

And lately, I’ve started branching out and trying different veggies … whereas 3 or 4 years ago, I wouldn’t be caught dead browsing all the green stuff in the produce section, let alone stop at a store that’s known for some ‘odd’ stuff (Stiles, located on West Oakland Park Blvd., caters to a diverse crowd of people) … heck, I made brussel sprouts for the first time Saturday night, and even convinced Hubby that he would like them, and we both did! Definitely a major improvement over the years!

So … that’s what I mean when I say, Using What We Have … of course, it would be nice to clear out the freezers and the pantry too (well, the pantry just needs the junk to be tossed, once and for all) … but I get nervous as I like to have lots of protein ‘just in case’ … you never know what’s going to happen!

Ok, ok … on with the menu plan, right? It’s fast approaching summer like weather here in Paradise, I actually floated in the pool on Sunday … so grilling season is upon us, as our the week end bbqs and parties … first up is the Air & Sea Show this weekend (it will be interesting since the Sequester took out the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds).

Sunday – fend for yourself and leftovers … it was a total lazy day floating in the pool 🙂

Monday – Chili … cooked up the beef on Saturday and will finish it when I get home from work (we should be able to eat by say, 7pm?) … still not sure what to serve on the side if anything …

Tuesday – Sweet Mustard Chicken Thighs with broccoli on the side (shudder … I have to keep trying!)

Wednesday – Smokey Crock of Pork … didn’t make last week and the big hunk of pork is taking a lot of space up in the freezer … will serve with some coleslaw (have a new recipe to try!)

Thursday – Sonny Boy is HOME! Just for the weekend, hoping to make a few bucks with parking for the Air and Sea Show … not sure how will he will do … Tacos … taco salad for me 🙂

Friday – Dinner Franks (these behemoth things that are like 900 calories each!) on the grill

Saturday – grillin and chillin … burgers, brats, ribs and whatever else makes an appearance (friends will bring sides) … here’s to hoping for decent weather, good friends, fun stuff in the air and a few icy cold drinks without any drama!

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