Menu Plan – Week 17 – Using What We Have

The weekend was good, except that the Air show was ho hum … but at least we had good friends, good food, a HOT pool and decent weather for the majority of the day.

Sonny Boy left this afternoon and took MY Tahoe back to Orlando so he can bring some of his stuff back this weekend for the summer. Well, not the whole summer, just part of it … but you get the point, he’s coming home for a month or so … yippee!

Enough about that though, lets focus on what we plan on eating!  I think it’s going to be a pretty tasty week ahead … tons of protein in the freezer and the stop at the produce store rounded things out nicely …

Here’s what I’m planning:

Sunday – leftover burgers, brats and dogs with some sauteed green beans, mushrooms and potato salad (hey, felt the need to toss in some veggies here after all the beer the past 2 days!)

Monday – Salisbury Steaks in the crock pot at Hubby’s suggestion. I have 8 burgers left to make and Hubby said to just make some salisbury steaks … great idea honey! Will probably serve some ready made mashed taters I have in the fridge along with a salad. I believe I have everything needed, otherwise, I will improvise as needed!

Tuesday – Chicken thighs (again, more food that wasn’t cooked over the weekend) … already marinated so will just bake in the oven and serve along with some broccoli

Wednesday – Philly Cheese Steak Peppers … have everything in fridge, yahoo!

Thursday – Wedge salad with whatever protein is leftover … otherwise, I’ll make a small dish of tuna salad

Friday – Sonny Boy home (yippee!) Aussie Chicken with green beans on the side. Quite a bit of bacon in the freezer and chicken breast too … not so sure about the cheese, but do know that I have tons of mozzarella in the freezer if I have to improvise 🙂

Saturday – Hubby’s choice, will try to push for steaks 🙂 and veggie of HIS choice

I’d like to stay out of the store with the exception of maybe some milk and a few other odds and ends … we really do have TONS of stuff in the house to use up!

What are you planning to make this week?

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan – Week 17 – Using What We Have

  1. The Aussie chicken looks SO good! New fan via MPM!


  2. Delish recipes! Thank you for linking them up to my Monday Menu Plan. Your menu plan was top picked and is being featured this week in my menu plan monday! Stop in on Monday and see your feature. I can't wait to see what you link up next!Thanks, Susie


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