Week 21 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Happy Sunday/Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend … 

I spent mine cleaning and stuff … and then floating in the pool with a good friend of mine … she was so excited to finally find the 4-20 beer and I figured, oh heck, float in the pool and have a few beers, great way to end the weekend OR start the new week … which ever way you look at it … 

Shopping was kept to a minimum this past week, thankfully … I really need to get the freezers inventoried and organized as Hurricane Season is right around the corner, and well, nothing is worse than a storm bearing down on you and knowing you have THREE FREEZERS that are jammed packed … it makes me very nervous!  I also need to get the pantry under control … it’s got stuffed just shoved in and no organization remains since Sonny Boy has been home …

Ok … now that you know what kind of chores are on my to do list, lets get to the menu!

Sunday – after floating in the pool and hanging outside for 4 plus hours, I bailed on the grilling burgers plan and opted to make tacos … had to send Sonny Boy to the store for taco shells (he would have had to pick up buns either way) … I whipped up a quick batch of salsa in the VitaMix to go alongside … I made mine a salad

Monday – Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

Tuesday – Chicken Enchiladas … I’ve had this recipe pinned for quite a while and wanted to make it on my birthday … I have everything on hand (since we had tacos on Sunday) … will most likely cook the chicken in crock pot during the day

Wednesday – leftovers OR pizza (freezer)

Thursday – ahhh … I don’t know … I’m thinking soup and sandwiches/salads … just for an easy way out 🙂 … would really like to FINALLY make the Benihana Onion Soup that I’ve wanted to do an updated post on forEVER!

Friday – heading in to a 3 day holiday weekend … thinking we will probably have a pool party even though BOTH kids will be gone … will make smokey pork in the crock pot and enjoy for dinner tonight and lunch for a few more days … and it will take a rather large hunk of meat out of the freezer!

Saturday – Hubbys choice, as always! Probably will not have friends over IF we are planning a pool party on Sunday … 

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