Week 23 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Yeah, I know, I missed week 22. Well, not really. I have it all lined up, just NOT online … so for the record, we had a big bbq on Sunday, leftover on Monday, Tuesday was chicken, Wednesday was OUT, Thursday was Smokey Pork and Friday was leftovers.  Saturday was out with friends …

Grocery shopping was pretty minimal … $17 at Whole Foods and $58 at Publix…and the Publix shop was because Sonny Boy came home earlier than I planned and well, I have to FEED the boy … that mothers guilt is the worse!

As it’s the official start of hurricane season, I really need to get focuses on the freezers. I say this as I whine that I need to get to Costco to buy more mahi mahi and shrimp and a bunch of other protein. I might still buy those two things, but I REALLY need to get the freezers organized. Who knows, there may be some stray mahi mahi in there. I doubt it but I do know there is shrimp, at least one pound … 

Hubby pulled the boat out of the water on Saturday so he will be ‘preoccupied’ after work this week … which means I better have food ready to eat at a drop of a hat … sad, huh? I”d like to prepare some of the stuff this week in advance on Sunday … lets see how THAT works out …

Ok, enough rambling, lets get planning!

Sunday – tacos and all the fixins … not a normal Sunday meal but I’m tired and need to really be ready for the week ahead … I will make mine a salad … beef from freezer. Will make another batch of salsa also

Monday – ranch pork chops in the crockpot … sort of a new recipe, pretty much the same as my chicken one, but only with pork chops … from the freezer of course … 

Tuesday – chili and fritos (for hubby and Sonny Boy and Princess) … beef from freezer

Wednesday – chicken lettuce wraps … will use ground turkey from freezer

Thursday – soup and sandwiches … I’ll give you one guess for the soup … yes, Benihana Onion Soup … honestly! I’ll eat deli roll ups … lunchmeat in fridge

Friday – I don’t know … honestly … may just let Hubby choose … dinner franks maybe

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … hopefully by this time I will have gone through all 3 freezers and have a firm handle on what we really have!

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