Week 25 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Now that Hubby has officially joined the ranks of unemployment, I’m trying really hard not to spend frivolously on food … yeah, it’s so much easier said than done …

Regardless, all that matters is that I at least TRY, right? And try I will …

So …with Father’s day come and gone, I think I have a few weeks to really, REALLY concentrate and get the freezers organized. If nothing else, Hubby will be grabbing stuff out to cook and consume … although, his eyes are WAAAAY bigger than our tummies combined … need to work on that just a bit 🙂

Here’s what we are planning …

Sunday – Father’s Day … Hubby decided he wanted skin and bone chicken … good grief. Of all things, I don’t have that … so I stopped at the store, picked up some thighs, super sweet corn, wedge salad

Monday –  chef salads all around … Sonny Boy made pizza too (freezer) and we all had a slice of that to go along with the massive salads

Tuesday – ranch pork chops (freezer) in the crock pot … mashed taters on the side if desired (fridge) (AND recipe coming this week!)

Wednesday – Cobb Salad

Thursday – leftovers

Friday – Burgers and fries (beef in freezer, fries in freezer) … need to buy buns

Saturday – snapper (freezer) with broccoli (freezer) … we had snapper at the cooking class for my birthday … it was DELICIOUS so I want to give it a try!

I’m in dire need of a mental vacation. Told Hubby to pick a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for me to take off with him to Key West … our friends own a condo down there and it shouldn’t be too busy now … we could pack ALL our food and just keep the drinking expense low … 🙂 sounds like a great plan but I don’t know!

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