Week 26 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Yeah, I admit it, last week’s plan really wasn’t spot on … I mean, heck, who was I kidding?

I knew the week could turn out to be busy AND I also knew that Hubby would be home … so here’s the truth:
Sunday: chicken thighs and wedge salad
Monday: leftovers
Tuesday: crock pot ranch pork (which hubby could NOT find the lid so he added a bunch of liquid and they were just so so)
Wednesday: ordered pizza at 9:30pm from the pool (yes, seriously)
Thursday: popcorn …
Friday: burgers and dogs on the grill. With a bunch of girlfriends. And too much beer, bourbon and vodka. Yes. That’s the truth.

Saturday was a night for recuperating and movies (aka, lazy) so we ordered chinese. For delivery.


This week needs to be better. That’s all I can say! The grocery store shop during the week wasn’t so very bad either, Publix $100 on Sunday and $30 on Friday. Monday was lots of beer and fruity stuff … Friday was ‘some’ beer and hot dog, hamburger buns.

Then of course, there was the Costco trip on Sunday. AGAIN! But this time, I went by myself which is so much more practical. I had my list in hand and stayed focused! Honestly. As Hubby is entering Week 3 of unemployment, I MUST stay on track! 

I also need to hit up the Fresh Market on Tuesday since it’s the last week of the B1G1F ground sirloin and market style bacon …

Ok, enough rambling … here’s what I’m looking to make this week!

Sunday – Chicken Inspired BLT Salad … already had everything in the house before the big Costco trip … lots of leftover chicken and salad stuff for the week too … (watch for recipe this week!)

Monday – Crock pot night – Hubby wants to make Italian Beef … so Italian Beef it is … had beef in freezer and picked up the rolls at Costco

Tuesday – Chicken Caesar Salad … chicken in freezer

Wednesday – I’d like to go out but really should count on staying in … leftovers?

Thursday – Thai Inspired Shrimp Salad … shrimp in freezer

Friday – Blackened Chicken Sandwiches (burgers/dogs for those who don’t chicken) … chicken/dogs in freezer … may need to pick up buns

Saturday – Maybe snapper … it’s Hubby’s choice tonight … I have a couple of packages of snapper in freezer that I don’t want to go to waste

So, what are YOU planning for the week?

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