Week 27 – Using What We Have

Hubby is entering WEEK 4 of unemployment. I haven’t even asked if he got unemployment benefits yet. I do know that he hasn’t sent the compensation package back as he still wants a few answers. Not that he’s angry or anything like that, but he has an email from the first of the year specifically stating that each director will be asked to interview for a suitable fit. There was never any interview, not even an inquiry.  Five directors in his company have been released and not one of them were given the opportunity to interview. The new company slid their people right in to the positions. I had him meet with one of the attorneys that my bosses know to make sure there wasn’t any non-compete language in the agreement before submitting and I guess Hubby brought up the interview email and the dude told him that he could pursue that if he wanted … but honestly, I don’t think it’s worth the hassle and aggravation. Good news is that other companies have gotten word of him being “available” and are calling to set up conference calls and such, so maybe it was just meant to be.

I’m trying to get the freezers cleared out and it’s just not happening very well. Sure, we took out 4 packages of beef (sirloin steak, a roast, a few other odds and ends to make Italian Beef and then a roast) but still … lots of stuff is just crammed in all 3 of the freezers. 

I know, I shouldn’t be complaining … and I’m not, not really. I just wish it was easier to deal with, to be able to tell Hubby when I’m on the road, which freezer has the roast (and PLEASE, don’t use the skirt steaks!!) … I can only say it’s in the garage, no, the guest kitchen, or it might be in the main kitchen. Seriously. He didn’t have to call me for THAT 🙂

I stopped at Publix TWICE This week … $30 first stop and $50 the last stop. That one included the Sweetwater 420 6 pack and the 12 pk of Corona … and we still need milk, AGAIN.

So here’s what we got planned for the first week of July … just going to try and use what we have and fill in as needed …

Sunday – pasta for the kids with jarred sauce, leftover italian beef for Hubby and I just plugged along, grazing on this and that. I’m still just shocked the kids prefer jarred sauce over the homemade stuff.

Monday – Crockpot recipe to try, Cashew Chicken … will toss in some broccoli and a few other things to make it more substantial.

Tuesday – Tacos with all the fixins…I will, of course, have a taco salad

Wednesday – Ranch Chicken Salad … I have wanted to make this for YEARS, seriously … maybe this is the time!

Image courtesy of C Jane in the Kitchen

Thursday – AT LAST … I now know what the plan is! We are going to a friends to watch all the beach fireworks across the lake where she lives … I’m so stinkin happy that Hubby said YES! We normally stay here and do a little walk over to the beach … this year, at long last, we will go to someone else’s house! I will make appetizers, probably a layered bean dip and salad of sorts

Friday – I’m off and hoping that I can really relax … I need an extra day in the week to get some serious stuff done, like the freezers!! Thinking of Chicken Parmesan and maybe a caprese salad (tomatoes and mozzarella are on hand)

Saturday – Pool party and BBQ? If so, hot dogs, chicken sausage, baked beans, corn on the cob, cabbage salad, and whatever else pops up! Hubby told me that IF we do this, the only thing I can buy is buns and chips and such … um, ok Honey.

I really want to eat better this week, meaning NO GRAINS. My hands have been bothering me and I’ve started to get some other, NEW joint pains kicking in so that makes me a little worried. My toe joints are giving me issues and that is NOT a good thing.

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