Week 29 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Good Grief! I’ve had this ready to post all since Sunday … but life has been busy and well, completely forgot to tell it to post. Is everyone else busy these days, or what?

Hubby is entering Week 6 of unemployment … he finally broke down and sent the severance documents back so that will kick in shortly. I think he was hoping to be able to work his way back in to the company. Or he was just in a state of denial.

This is a man who has worked since he was 11 years old. And has always worked a LONG period of time with the same companies. He’s dedicated, loyal and good at what he does. So for him to be out of work is just a little unsettling for him.  That is why I’m so glad that he opted to go see his dad for a week … he’s been working hard, physically, helping get the new house cleaned up so the crews can finalize everything. I was hoping when we went back in August that we would be ready to start moving things over but it doesn’t sound like that, not yet.

Grocery shopping was pretty minimal this past week … Whole Foods $22 for the Boss birthday snack (fish dip and these funky crackers that he likes, along with his Mango Naked juice), then $42 at the Publix liquor store and a quick run in to Publix for $35 … these 2 Publix stops were Friday night to get stuff for the Starlite Musical and mini-girls night festivities. A little too much Patron Cafe and Baileys was consumed, but we all survived to live another day.

There was a Costco early Sunday … meant to do it Saturday but we had over 6 inches of rain, so me and the Boys wasted 3 hours watching the latest Batman movie. Good but LONG. Probably what I needed to do to make the headache go away (see above, mini-girls night). I spent more than I wanted at Costco but didn’t get anything too outrageous or wandered far from my list.

I’d like to get some stuff precooked for the week too so Hubby can finish up the boat and I know that we have food ready to go when I get home from work … I’ll start the pulled pork on Sunday night so I can finish it up on Monday to reheat on Tuesday … looking to cook the chicken on Sunday also (if the rain stays away) and the lettuce has already been prepped.

With that … here’s what I’m looking forward to cooking up:

Sunday – Me and the Boys (Princess works and I think the BF will be here, hanging out as him and Sonny Boy get along pretty well) … Evil Jungle Steak Salad with noodles … the Boys can improvise any way they want (be it plain pasta or whatever). Steak is the precooked stuff I have from Costco, lettuce in fridge, same with mango and avocado, and I think I have pasta (need to check!)  …  since I’m 5 days late, I’ll tell you the real story: Pizza take out for 5 boys and myself. Really.

Monday – I want to make some chili … the kids will not be very receptive to it but still … I think I’m making it! There will be some leftover for Hubby too then.   Again, real story? Got home from work at around 8pm, didn’t eat my lunch and dragged Sonny Boy to local pub for a blue cheese bacon burger.

Tuesday – Hubby comes home tonight! Pulled pork with cabbage salad … This happened!

Wednesday – Chicken inspired BLT salad … didn’t happen … Hubby and i went to the same pub, same food, bacon blue cheese burger

Thursday –  Hubby made a delicous paella

Friday – leftover paella

Saturday – Hubbys choice, friends over, I’m sure!

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